Methoni’s Lambes Beach — From Virgin Nudist Sands to Small Resort 

#Lambes #Methoni 

It wasn’t long ago,  last I remember circa 2001, when Lambes Beach,  just 3 kilometers from Methoni,  was a barren virgin beach with tons of open space and plenty of room for mostly German and French tourists to park their campers just meters away from the shore. They would only come to town  (Methoni) for provisions and maybe a meal or drink and just come back to the base. It was tranquil day and night. In the day, most of the tourists stationed there were nude. This wasn’t the creepy nude type. It was naturism . And families with toddlers were participating. It wasn’t easy to go there,  but the townsfolk would go and sneak a peek just to have some fresh gossip to bring into town. And of course,  they wanted to see someone that came to town so they can gossip about them when they were having beer at a neighbouring table at night. 

For the hedonists that miss their naturism, perhaps Ios is the place for you. Just press on the previous link. 

Lambes was so little known that it wasn’t listed in most tourist guides outside the naturist ones.  At night, it’s where the townsfolk came to park their cars in the pitch darkness of nothing but moonlight and have a ‘romantic ‘ evening. We knew who was there by the car because no one ever came out. They must have had large and strong bladders. It was the best I ever felt just hugging tight and listening to the calmness of the small waves breaking.  It was a time for clear thoughts and musing with the significant other next to you at that particular time. It was like a Vegas —what was said there stayed there. Except for the rumours in town from unwanted observers the next day. 

The picture above is almost exactly where the campers used to be. This is the restaurant that has forcibly made the beach smaller. Next to it is a bar and behind these is a swimming pool. A hundred meters over is the fairly newly built highway from Methoni to Finikounda and crossing that takes you to a nice quaint hotel that’s part of Finiki village, the official location of Lambes. All in all,  this is a nice and well priced mini resort that allows you to have everything you may need at a beach vacation. 

The tourists are more snotty and the naturists are being forced to find even more secluded terrain. For those of us who miss its beauty,  we blame the highway. The Methoni -Finikounda road was a tight and dangerous one and now it is the best piece of highway south of Kalamata.  

This is the view from Finiki to Lambes. 

And this is when you reach the Methoni town limits 

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