Quebec’s Healthcare System a Total Failure 

These 2 bozos are responsible for austerity measures to Quebec healthcare.  They are slashing jobs and services and promoting for -profit private medical clinics. SHAMEFUL!!!

Here’s when it started.

Finally got a family doctor. After a decade of running through clinics and a depleted hospital system ( that considers you an emergency only if you may be having a heart attack or are in excruciating pain) , I found a doctor who doesn’t try to get rid of you in 5 minutes. She’s not extraordinary. She’s what a doctor should be. 

Quebec politicians have decided to screw with our health care system. They are treating the system with austerity measures that force you to go private. Until I found my new doctor, I had to pay to see a doctor at a private clinic, which goes anathema to my core beliefs. But as you eld , you begin to realize that your health has no price tag. And I saw specialists in record time and got scans done immediately. I got no attitude from overworked and burnt out nurses. It was fantastic. And I was insured for everything except the GP consultations. But my bad 2016 could have been worse. 
For this reason, I am against the current provincial liberal administration’s healthcare policies. There’s a lot of good people in the hospital that are treated like shitt because funding has evaporated and continues being depleted. We lose great minds to other provinces and countries. We have turned into a 3rd world enclave surrounded by progressivism that makes our regressivism stick out in shame.
I call for a complete rebranding of the system. If we need to take the Ontario or Alberta models, so be it. So-called Canadian socialism is failing us because it is being used perversely by all the politicians except, ironically, the separatists. We live in a linguistic and racist junta where the culprits are the progressive politicians. SAD!!!

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