Mindful Thinking and Youth Empowerment 


Mindfulness is often looked at as a part of counseling or psychotherapy.  In fact,  mindfulness involves living in the present moment in an active,  as opposed to a passive,  way.  Perhaps “mindful thinking ” or “mindful presence ” would better describe this state of being. And the sooner we learn this,  the sooner we can become empowered.  So much failure is seen every day in both poor and affluent communities.  There is no group unaffected by success and by failure. There is no single person who has not been affected.  The important thing is to learn from our failures and understand our successes. 

The most difficult thing to learn is the difference between existing and living. Did you do something alive today? Did you make a difference to yourself? To others? Was there a microcosm of your activities that will affect someone or something positively now or in the future? Were you happy today? Why? What was fulfilling? What was frightening? What have you learned from all this? These are questions we need to answer every day and I make the ones I’m helping answer. 

Parentsand educators need to empower the young. They need to make them get involved. They need to make them participate here and now in the reality they are encompassed by. 

Heroism is a simple concept. We should all be heroes every day. We can help someone who needs help. We can put a smile on someone’s face. We can work towards actively listening and coming up with solutions. Heroes should not be scarce. They should be in abundance. The definition of heroism should not be strict. It should be of someone wanting to help and making difference for the better in some way. 

My first cause was ending hunger. I made people aware of hunger and thought I was empowering them. I didn’t go further than educating them on the subject,  thinking they’d get up and go out and make a difference. Even with the proper knowledge and tools,  it is still difficult to delve into something as broad as hunger without having a starting point and some mentorship. Social networks need to be built and support needs to be given. 

Pride in one’s self is tantamount and paramount in being at your most optimal existence in the present moment and taking an active role in living in the situation you are currently experiencing.  You cannot be weighed down by self – doubt while trying to progress. The steps to opening the door to growth must not be opened until we are comfortable of who we are in the present and let go of the past as a learning experience.  

Young women often face big obstacles when it comes to body image. They face scrutiny and even bullying,  usually by other young women.  Living in lieu of existing helps to overcome this barrier. I find this perhaps the most difficult obstacle to be overcome by anyone of any age group. And the culprit is the unenlightened trying to feel worthy by making others feel worthless. It is a dangerous form of mirroring that often has terrible consequences.  When damaged at this point in life,  it is often close to impossible to get on the right path. This is why bullying of any sort needs to be eradicated and a learning experience for the victim. We as a society need to impress harshly on everyone that this behavior must be shunned and punished. When the bully understands the dire impact of their actions,  they can then learn to live in the present with the former victim that is ahead of them in self – growth.  

When learning to follow a healthy  lifestyle and path,  one will soon be empowered and,  in no time,  enlightened.  Democracy starts working at this level. The empowerment tools in mindful existence have paved the road to an egalitarian and democratic existence for all members of society. Still,  idealism will not be achieved until we are all down this superlative path to enlightenment and satisfaction.  

In a nutshell,  empowerment coaching,  or enabling,  becomes the start and end point between the pre – empowerment phase all the way to the post – enlightenment phase. And an enabler can be a parent,  a friend,  or a professional coach. And your goals are attained through this life path. 

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