I Love a Girl

I Love a Girl

I love a girl

She lives on whims

Sometimes distorted

Yet always true




I love a girl

I know but for five days

She understands my soul

I feel dependent

Yes, independent

We count the raindrops

On the window


The pane on a lonely sill

Trying to keep insipid maggots away

I swear I saw her smile

I swear she had stopped crying

She was still rosy and thin

Like a girlfriend; just out of a coma


Pain while leaning on the window sill

It’s turned to mundane thoughts

Of boring tranquility

The kind that takes away creativity

That’ll keep your ear from being accidentally cut off


I love a girl

And she loves me

We’re both living in serendipity

Our lives

Our works

Our sweet temporary madness

We paint on an empty easel-less board

We write our thoughts on a chalkboard


And that’s the story of our creative life

When turned off, it’s hedonistic


I love a girl

As much as I should

I know she loves me

Loves me for good

(C) Ted Kouretas 2018

Main post photo: Ted Kouretas — Park Bench in Autumn Leaves (Montreal, 2018)

Photo below: Ted Kouretas — Prostitute Row (Psirri, Athens, 2017)


Teaching Incels How to Talk to Women — Daygame

It’s important to understand that there is not necessarily a positive correlation between incels and toxic masculinity.

Guys, a girl like the one above is attainable. But more about that later.

Incels (Involuntary Celibates) are people (almost always men) who see themselves mired, usually from birth, as not being able to have romantic or sexual success with members of the opposite sex. Upon closer examination, these are introverted individuals with a lack of confidence who blame Chads (men who have a knack for picking up women) and Staceys (women who are picked up by Chads and who would apparentky never give the time of day to an incel) for their tragic state. They are often depressed individuals and feel hopeless that their situation will ever change.

This article goes inside the sad and tragic world of incels.

oxic masculinity, a term that has become famous with the increased advent of modern-day feminism and ignored or frowned upon by the mainstream, is a serious condition that makes men believe they can’t express their feelings due to societal norms. The masculinity was originally toxic to men themselves. Now, since men are allowed to express their emotions more openly, toxic masculinity is seen by “progressives” or feminists as having women being its victims. This is mostly due to men not having enough time to adapt to the changing world around them. As soon as men learn ghat it’s okay to be sensitive and, in very special situations, cry, there is a reverse correlation as to what women expect. Ergo, men have to be sensitive to women’s emotions but still need to be “real men” because it is the best way to be liked by women.

Maybe we can feel sympathy for the devil.

This one tries to show how misogyny is built through forced toxicity

Chads have learned to juggle this. They know what is real life and what is game. Game is how we interact with someone before the flirting stage. It is how we pique someone’s interest. And it has nothing to do with feminism nor toxic masculinity. It takes place in a paranormal world where we can get a sense of the other person without being afraid to cross boundaries and where, like it or not, we need to live up to our traditional gender roles. As much as women’s rights have changed, we need to understand that a woman is still a woman. This woman is still attracted innately by the same things she’s always been attracted by. Staceys, as incels see them, are every girl. Perhaps every goodlooking girl, perhps a snob, but the girl is the same. A new subspecies has not been invented or born.

So let’s begin our fell-good lesson, okay guys?

1. There’s No One More Special Than You

It does sound redundant and corny, but it is a universal truth. While there may be heroes or people we look up to or model ourselves after, they re never ever more special than our individual selves. Before going on to venture on anything, you need to repeat this to yourself like a mantra and truly believe it. You need to never put anyone before you and your happiness.

Great leaders like Martin Luther king Jr, Ghandi, etc…, all of the nicest people we’ve known, have always put themselves first. If not, they’d have perished and been of no use to anyone. There is no exception to this. None.

Yes, you are better the girl below.

No joke. She doesn’t hold a candle to you.

2. Chad and Stacey Don’t Exist

You know that guy in his dad’s sports car who picks up all these girls even shallower than him? Well, he’s just a victim of toxic masculinity. That girl? Well, she lives in a fantasy world where nothing but what she has learned to like exists.

3. Are We a Part of the Real World?

I think we can agree that we don’t really get to know a person till we’ve gotten to know them better. What we see in front of is is what the person wants to show us. Nothing has changed in male and female roles over the decades. As part of our respective genders, there are natural phenomena that no amount of politicking nor social reconstruction will change. The attempts to forcefully change others in terms of gender roles will not only make toxic masculinity worse, it will also bring about toxic femininity, forcing women to take on unnatural gender roles.

When in Eastern Europe, Africa, most of Asia, we can see the minimally-touched existence of traditional gender roles. While women are still achieving equal rights in most of these places, they have not let toxic feminiity touch them. Their roles are known. At the same time, I’ve noticed that a lot of the men in these countries have become more toxic and are dying at younger ages. This is due to the downside of traditional weight still put upon their shoulders to be providers. At the same time, some Texas millionaire comes in and steals their potential future brides. They are bitter men. They can never be as rich as the Canadian, American, Aussie, Saudi, etc…

All of the above mini-diatribe to point out how people can become resentful and disgruntled through the fault of an inequitable form of progressivism that leaves behind any undesirable for the sake of “progressivism”. Sadly, this is where Chad and Stacey are made up. It is a world of fantasy that can’t be helped but be built.

In short, it is up to all of us to help ourselves. There is no other choice.

4. Get Your Game On

Go talk to this girl. She’s as attainable to you as to anyone else. The popularized “day game”(picking up women in the daytime in public spaces) has surpassed night game (picking women up at night, usually in clubs or bars).

As an avid daygamer over the years, I find that women are more natural and honest outside the darkness and alcohol and tribal conformities of nighttime play. They are not trying to keep a certain reputation afloat nor trying to please others. They are dressed more naturally and, when receptive, have your full attention.

Remember: You will ALWAYS fail more often than you succeed. No exceptions.

Here’s a very informative article for newbies. Follow it wisely.

As the article demonstrates, it is the men who needs to act and lead like a man and the woman who wants to be led and follow like a woman. But what needs to be grasped here is that you NEED to be working your game from a position of strength. The woman has given you the stage, but she’ll quickly say “next” at the slightest weakness or cowering. As human nature has it, we need to grab the position of strength we hve been given and work from that level without falling down more than a notch or two (which may be done at a moment of weakness). I would say there are 4 notches that lead to doom. We need to recognize when a notch is broken and try to keep calm and worry more about not causing further de-escalation than about coming up to the same level again. Remember, we fail most of the time. So most of the time 4 notches are lost. Repeatedly. We learn nd move on. At best, I thank goodness I failed because who’d want to be with a woman that is irresponsive to what I’m about. At worst, I have learned a lesson and have “notched” some experience. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A WASTED EFFORT.

5. A Question of Mathematics

When I was a big gamer, my success rate was no better than one in ten in my heyday. When starting out it was less than half of that. What kept me going was the thought that I was the best person in the world and deserved all I got, but that also included the responsibility of learning from my lack of success. NEVER USE THE WORD “FAILURE”. Also, I knew that the law of mathematics would eventually bring me success.

Even the most timid gamer, if following basic rules, will get a woman. And not any woman. He’ll get any woman he chooses. Eventually.

6. An International Phenomenon

This Thai girl, deep inside, wants to hear the same thing as a Dutch girl or an American girl does. With just a few cultural tweaks, day game should never be affected by location and language fluency. While I don’t advise doing day game in another country till you’ve mastered it at home, there are some countries where it may be easier to stroke your ego a bit. I will not get into detail about which countries are best and why, but we need to understand that although the day game is almost the same, the results can be very different. Know what you want and what the result will be.

Have Fun

Now guys, go out and build your game. Back straight. Eyes focused. Confident body language. And just don’t give a shit if you get rejected.