Teaching Incels How to Talk to Women — Daygame

It’s important to understand that there is not necessarily a positive correlation between incels and toxic masculinity.

Guys, a girl like the one above is attainable. But more about that later.

Incels (Involuntary Celibates) are people (almost always men) who see themselves mired, usually from birth, as not being able to have romantic or sexual success with members of the opposite sex. Upon closer examination, these are introverted individuals with a lack of confidence who blame Chads (men who have a knack for picking up women) and Staceys (women who are picked up by Chads and who would apparentky never give the time of day to an incel) for their tragic state. They are often depressed individuals and feel hopeless that their situation will ever change.

This article goes inside the sad and tragic world of incels.

oxic masculinity, a term that has become famous with the increased advent of modern-day feminism and ignored or frowned upon by the mainstream, is a serious condition that makes men believe they can’t express their feelings due to societal norms. The masculinity was originally toxic to men themselves. Now, since men are allowed to express their emotions more openly, toxic masculinity is seen by “progressives” or feminists as having women being its victims. This is mostly due to men not having enough time to adapt to the changing world around them. As soon as men learn ghat it’s okay to be sensitive and, in very special situations, cry, there is a reverse correlation as to what women expect. Ergo, men have to be sensitive to women’s emotions but still need to be “real men” because it is the best way to be liked by women.

Maybe we can feel sympathy for the devil.

This one tries to show how misogyny is built through forced toxicity

Chads have learned to juggle this. They know what is real life and what is game. Game is how we interact with someone before the flirting stage. It is how we pique someone’s interest. And it has nothing to do with feminism nor toxic masculinity. It takes place in a paranormal world where we can get a sense of the other person without being afraid to cross boundaries and where, like it or not, we need to live up to our traditional gender roles. As much as women’s rights have changed, we need to understand that a woman is still a woman. This woman is still attracted innately by the same things she’s always been attracted by. Staceys, as incels see them, are every girl. Perhaps every goodlooking girl, perhps a snob, but the girl is the same. A new subspecies has not been invented or born.

So let’s begin our fell-good lesson, okay guys?

1. There’s No One More Special Than You

It does sound redundant and corny, but it is a universal truth. While there may be heroes or people we look up to or model ourselves after, they re never ever more special than our individual selves. Before going on to venture on anything, you need to repeat this to yourself like a mantra and truly believe it. You need to never put anyone before you and your happiness.

Great leaders like Martin Luther king Jr, Ghandi, etc…, all of the nicest people we’ve known, have always put themselves first. If not, they’d have perished and been of no use to anyone. There is no exception to this. None.

Yes, you are better the girl below.

No joke. She doesn’t hold a candle to you.

2. Chad and Stacey Don’t Exist

You know that guy in his dad’s sports car who picks up all these girls even shallower than him? Well, he’s just a victim of toxic masculinity. That girl? Well, she lives in a fantasy world where nothing but what she has learned to like exists.

3. Are We a Part of the Real World?

I think we can agree that we don’t really get to know a person till we’ve gotten to know them better. What we see in front of is is what the person wants to show us. Nothing has changed in male and female roles over the decades. As part of our respective genders, there are natural phenomena that no amount of politicking nor social reconstruction will change. The attempts to forcefully change others in terms of gender roles will not only make toxic masculinity worse, it will also bring about toxic femininity, forcing women to take on unnatural gender roles.

When in Eastern Europe, Africa, most of Asia, we can see the minimally-touched existence of traditional gender roles. While women are still achieving equal rights in most of these places, they have not let toxic feminiity touch them. Their roles are known. At the same time, I’ve noticed that a lot of the men in these countries have become more toxic and are dying at younger ages. This is due to the downside of traditional weight still put upon their shoulders to be providers. At the same time, some Texas millionaire comes in and steals their potential future brides. They are bitter men. They can never be as rich as the Canadian, American, Aussie, Saudi, etc…

All of the above mini-diatribe to point out how people can become resentful and disgruntled through the fault of an inequitable form of progressivism that leaves behind any undesirable for the sake of “progressivism”. Sadly, this is where Chad and Stacey are made up. It is a world of fantasy that can’t be helped but be built.

In short, it is up to all of us to help ourselves. There is no other choice.

4. Get Your Game On

Go talk to this girl. She’s as attainable to you as to anyone else. The popularized “day game”(picking up women in the daytime in public spaces) has surpassed night game (picking women up at night, usually in clubs or bars).

As an avid daygamer over the years, I find that women are more natural and honest outside the darkness and alcohol and tribal conformities of nighttime play. They are not trying to keep a certain reputation afloat nor trying to please others. They are dressed more naturally and, when receptive, have your full attention.

Remember: You will ALWAYS fail more often than you succeed. No exceptions.

Here’s a very informative article for newbies. Follow it wisely.

As the article demonstrates, it is the men who needs to act and lead like a man and the woman who wants to be led and follow like a woman. But what needs to be grasped here is that you NEED to be working your game from a position of strength. The woman has given you the stage, but she’ll quickly say “next” at the slightest weakness or cowering. As human nature has it, we need to grab the position of strength we hve been given and work from that level without falling down more than a notch or two (which may be done at a moment of weakness). I would say there are 4 notches that lead to doom. We need to recognize when a notch is broken and try to keep calm and worry more about not causing further de-escalation than about coming up to the same level again. Remember, we fail most of the time. So most of the time 4 notches are lost. Repeatedly. We learn nd move on. At best, I thank goodness I failed because who’d want to be with a woman that is irresponsive to what I’m about. At worst, I have learned a lesson and have “notched” some experience. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A WASTED EFFORT.

5. A Question of Mathematics

When I was a big gamer, my success rate was no better than one in ten in my heyday. When starting out it was less than half of that. What kept me going was the thought that I was the best person in the world and deserved all I got, but that also included the responsibility of learning from my lack of success. NEVER USE THE WORD “FAILURE”. Also, I knew that the law of mathematics would eventually bring me success.

Even the most timid gamer, if following basic rules, will get a woman. And not any woman. He’ll get any woman he chooses. Eventually.

6. An International Phenomenon

This Thai girl, deep inside, wants to hear the same thing as a Dutch girl or an American girl does. With just a few cultural tweaks, day game should never be affected by location and language fluency. While I don’t advise doing day game in another country till you’ve mastered it at home, there are some countries where it may be easier to stroke your ego a bit. I will not get into detail about which countries are best and why, but we need to understand that although the day game is almost the same, the results can be very different. Know what you want and what the result will be.

Have Fun

Now guys, go out and build your game. Back straight. Eyes focused. Confident body language. And just don’t give a shit if you get rejected.


Contrived Fear and Enslavement

Words are the strongest things that exist. They give us joy and can drive us crazy. In a world rife with fake news, reality and truth can barely be distinguished. People are expected to act a certain or risk being shunned. I will speak of the abuse of words and its consequences.

We’ve all become aware of the term “fake news”. What we’re questioning is the meaning of the term. Fake news has a broad meaning which depends on the leanings and beliefs of the user. The term is usually used in the political realm.

Donald Trump got credited for coining the term during his election campaign when calling unsubstantiated claims and allegations against him as fake news. This brought about the careful and more informed scrutiny of the media by the right. It started becoming apparent that the left, as they had accused the right of continuously doing, had an agenda for Hillary Clinton to win the election.

When this agenda became abundantly clear, the Democrats went a step further to in discrediting Trump by making lewd sexual endeavours pop out every other day. When others pointed out the misgivings of Bill Clinton, the left-wing media responded with a “he’s not running for president and that was decades ago”. The words that couldn’t get through were that Bill Clinton committed proven crimes while in office. Also, Hillary was covering up her husband’s crimes by threatening or bribing or blackmailing his accusers and victims. This was continuously overlooked. It was politically incorrect to attack the Clinton machine.

It costs only a cable subscription to get bombarded and eventually driven into an intellectual void. This is done mainly through good old gaslighting that comes through, that’s right…. words. Gaslighting is classically known as a way someone makes you believe you are seeing something other than what is apparently and solidly there. Eventually, this can lead to weakness and even insanity. In short, it creates slavery.

That’s your brain turning to mush. Media manipulation is stronger than any drug because it cannot be undone. The information stays there and it affects you psychologically.

Political correctness is the intimidation factor here. You are taught what is acceptable. You are afraid to go astray because, like it or not, you will be shunned. You can lose your friends, your job, even your family. You are eventually to become a bearer of fake news or the victim of it.

Let’s go back to Donald Trump. For pointing out the obvious and giving it a term, he brought about all kinds of consequential retorts. He was a philanderer, a rapist. The politically correct machine had the power and blessing of most of the world because they have all been brainwashed or in charge of the brainwashing brought about by the media. The media is responsible for metting out the truth. Instead, they mete out what is assigned to them by special interest groups that pay their salaries. Donald Trump responded in kind and was quickly reprimanded for it. More labels. More negative -isms. As for Hillary, she was an angel, the purveyor of truth, the victim. The networks speaking up against her were seen as merely fringe opportunists. The intellectuals supporting Trump’s campaign were misled or profiteers.

Trump won the election because he travelled and spoke to the people. He got little airtime. He got almost completely negative mainstream press. But the people were hurting. Alas, there was someone speaking their language. The tone deaf that came out of the closet, even if for one Trump speech or rally, often understood the message. Trump was able to tackle taboo issues. The leftists cringed. Most Republicans cringed, albeit privately.

People need to believe. Blind faith only goes so far. Ergo, Donald Trump wins the election. It was not at all a surprise to me, seeing in how he had the wherewithal to oppose the politically correct media, pundits, and international community.

Let’s skew away from Trump now and just feel ashamed for looking at the skinny model above and finding her attractive. Fake news will label her as anorexic. At the same time, fake news will call out anything remotely associated with fat-shaming. Let me be clear that neither side of the coin is right. People are people. Instead of preaching equality, the media chooses who we need to shun. In this case, the more healthy model above. She is not anorexic. We all know what anorexics look like. The media won’t take the blame when our politically correct acceptance of fat and obesity leads to premature death. But people’s lives don’t matter. What matters is a loss of ethics at any cost.

This is an emo girl. She is a disenfranchised millenial. She is the consequence of the anomie and loneliness caused by fake news. Emo stands for “emotional”. Young people like this girl listen to melodic punk with emotional lyrics and undertones. They are often admittedly depressed youth. There is no ambition outside of their closely-knit community. Unlike previous generations of rebel youth, these young people will find it hard to get out of this emotional circle they’re in. They will be stigmatized and gaslighted by words. Fake words. Fake sentences. Fake stories. Fke news. They are inequipped to deal with or separate the fodder that acts as reality from actual reality.

If someone reads this sign and kills themselves, should the bitch in the picture be jailed? Is this sign appropriate? How can this sign be appropriate when a sign reading “MEN ARE PEOPLE TOO” would be found unacceptable? Have I lost your fondness for me yet? Have I hurt your politically correct feelings? Have you just decided to not think and blame? Or have you decided to take a step back and think?

So how does contrived misinformation enslave us? It keeps us in a state of uncertainty, which produces a fear of reacting with our minds. It makes us react and think like others want us to.

Yes, you are a slave.

Midday Sunday

(C) Ted Kouretas 2018

It was hot as I weakly stepped out of the house. I thanked God for it being downhill getting there. It was almost 2 o’clock. For the first time in decades, I’d managed to wake up after noon. Like then, I ate quickly. Like then, I had stuffed tomatoes and peppers with potatoes and feta cheese. I ate hurriedly. Ravenously. Unlike then, I didn’t fsel refreshed. Unlike then, I couldn’t stand the heat on the other side of the door. Unlike then, I wasn’t planningbto walk over thirty minutes to the cool side of the beach. In fact, I wasn’t planning to wear my bathing suit. Unlike then, I had a tablet and opted to go to the cafe to use the Wi-Fi.

Some things just never change. I was still slovenly yet erudite. But then I was labelled a slut, even a sex tourist. Now, I was labelled a salacious old man; albeit I dressed better than ever before. “Ageism” I thought. “Fucking ageists”. Like then, I liked young women. Thailand passed through my mind but quickly went away as the heat hit my forehead. I was halfway down the first half of the hill. Like then, I swigged a big sip of cold water from my polluting plastic bottle. And like then, I put myself ahead of the planet. I don’t think that’ll ever change. And I still believe we all put ourselves ahead of anything. “Stop thinking, you idiot. You’re sweating enough already.”

I looked at my cell phone and noticed it was 34 degrees. Felt like 37. There was no shade available as my feet got scratched by the little thorns sticking out of the ground. Unlike then, it affected me more than it should have. My skin was really sensitive. I saw the main street just a few metres away. I turned the corner to head towards the beach cafe but I heard my name being called.

“Hey, Ted,” someone said, “in here.”

How could I forget? Το κέντρο (the centre), was the Sunday after-lunch hangout. It was the last enjoyable group activity before preparing for Monday. Thank goodness I was on vacation.

The music was rather loud; as loud as the owner could put it at this time of day without having some old lady call the cops on him. I could smell the freshness of wood as I walked into the coffee shop. My shoulders stopped burning and I gave in and had a big bottle of Amstel that I’d never finish. There were about ten guys in there and only three girls. Two of them were there with their cousin. The other one, a blonde woman in her thirtees named Elena, was alone. She’d just gotten off work. She told me she worked at the supermarket. She had a young son. Never said his age. She turned to her right so as not to blow smoke in my face. At least she was polite. Her face was not red.

Hennessey the Irishman was there. He was a strange bloke. You know, the good kind of strange. A bloke that keeps some of himself mysterious. Someone you want to figure out. I still don’t know his first name. I think no one in the cafe thatbday knew his name. He was the furthest away from Elena than anyone in the room. He had just finished rolling a joint. He had his Guinness in frontof him. Itbwas always a Guinness, as long as the store had it. If a store didn’t have Guinness, he would go through a brief history of the beer while the server would force themselves to act interested. Some hid when they saw him. Hennessey was 37.

My two friends were having beer and coffee. One of them was alternating from one to the other. I got nauseous thinking about it. The good thing on tjis day was that not one person was grounded enough to have a conversation with. A few were red-faced and ready to go take a long siesta. The two girls that were not Elena left with their two cousins. After about twenty minutes, there was just me, my two friends, Elena, and Hennessey left. Hennessey went further and deeper into his corner. I wish I knew what he was thinking.

Elena came closer to me. It was the usual search for information. Elena had come here on vacation, found her victim, got married, and then divorced him when she could. I even knew the guy. It made sense to divorce him. But I found it unfair she’d married him. Like then, I loved her position of weakness; her trying to see if I’d bite somehow into something. I don’t think either of us knew what. Every time I tried to move in she’d put up her shield, probably to not let the slut in her show. It’s one thing if they think it and quite another if they witness it. At the same time, I was trying to move in too often. Too quickly. “Stop looking desperate. Don’t be a fool.”

“So you’re giving up so easily,” she said.

“I’m not one for too much game, babe.”

She rolled another joint and offered me a toke. I declined. I poured my beer into her glass. It was just too damn hot. I joined my friends at the adjoining table. She slowly crept to the table, flirting with one of them.

It was 3.30. Everyone was leaving. My friend paid Elena’s bill. She looked at me, smiled in a somewhat defeated yet optimistic way, and was quickly on her way …. somewhere.

(C) Ted Kouretas 2018

5 Places I Had to Back Down from Visiting This Year

There were many places I was looking forward to visiting this year. But more than ever, there is danger in the world. If it’s not crime, it’s war or robbery. Then there are the rampant outbreaks of disease and/or poisonous food and water. The planet, as well as the people on it, are getting ill. I had to forego the following cities/countries/areas because of imoending danger to my safety or health.

1. Marseilles, France

The pride and joy of French summer vacationing, Marseilles has turned into an urban wastelnd in terms of the inadequate power of the government to control major crime. Many have told me this is the doing of the fascist nationalists who feel tht Muslims in the banlieues have taken over the city. In turn, there hve been drive shootings, shootings on public buses, and juat good old-fashioned beatings. Although tourists aren’t targeted (at least white Christian tourists), the chance of being an innocent bystander here makes it too dangerous to properly enjoy your vacation.

2.Valparaiso, Chile

A city of deep roots and culture, a destination for art and bohemia, Valparaiso is suddenly too dangerous to visit. Petty crime is at an all-time high, and there is an increase in muggings and kidnappings. Yes, Valparaiso has become that bad. Again, if you’re careful you’ll probably be fine. But the whole pointbof visiting this magical place is to be free, right?

3. Peru

Peru is one of the most fascinating countries in the world. It has mountains nd valleys. It has different cultures living side by side. It has maybe the best variety of food in the world. And it has Macchu Pichu. The ancient kingdom of the Incas has fallen on hard times. Tis not one thing that sticks out here, but just a general disintegration of Peruvian society s a whole. The good taht was there has collapsed and been overtaken by desperation and hardship. Young women, even girls, sell their bodies for a few dollars. There are killings on the streets. Robbery is rampant. There seem to be badly-organized syndicates trying to run the place.

4. Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Phnom Penh is quickly evolving into a 21st-century city. While the rest of the country is still trying to heal from genocide, Phnom Penh seems to have successfully put that behind it and is breeming with potential. So I reserve my airbnb, find a reasonably-priced ticket, and decide to visit in the more mundane rainy season, feeling I can be at one with the Mekong. Then came the alerts. E-coli, vaccine after vaccine needed, food poisoning, water poisoning, etc. But that didn’t ward me off. What made me back off was the new spread of Dengue fever for which there is no vaccine, forcing people in Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Thailand, more than anywhere else, to wear long pants in the humidity and heat and always have to make sure their mosquito repellent is on. In Thailand, I’d be fine because of the more modern infrastructure. In Cambodia, there are no good medicak facilities and the best doctors are there from France. I give the government credit for advancing gheir society economically and for curbing child prostitution, but a lot more needs to be done. Not in my 20s anymore, it’s hard for me to go to Phnom Penh at this time.

5. Kathmandu, Nepal

I figured I needed some fresh mountain air and a bit of reflecting and finding my inner child. That’s no longer easily done in Nepal. The streets have been flooded and the food and water have been graetly compromised by mother nature’s wrath. With only an elite few places to stay in and the need for an iron stomach, there is no way I can visit Nepal. Along with parts of neighbouring India, Nepal may never recover from this disaster. Does anyone care?

Snowflakes and the Clinton Acolytes Making Free Thought Punishable

SNOWFLAKE: A term used to describe extremist liberals that get offended by every statement and/or belief that doesn’t exactly match their own. These individuals think they are just as “unique” as snowflakes, when really their feelings are just as fragile.

Source: Urban Dictionary

Snowflakes are usually defined as people who are too sensitive to hearing other points of view. The reason for this is their acolyte status within the confines of political correctness. They don’t need to be liberal. They just need to be hardheaded and mentally enslaved.

While one or just a few snowflakes can become recluses and not be a burden on society, millions of them tend to be very problematic. Their weak state, caused by a lack of openmindedness, is easy to take advantage of. As a popular modern example, lets take the Clinton Acolyte Movement (CAM). These people were turned into walking catch phrases. Ironically, one of the biggest brainwashed member was Hillary Clinton herself. She was the one brainwashed and one of the ones doing the brainwashing. During the 2016 presidential campaign, most people found her less than knowledgeable, although acolyte pundits and simple folks alike saw her as a progressive feminist. And this, again, ironically, was her downfall, seeing as it was the main contributor to her not being able to have an original thought throughout the campaign. Indeed, she was the stereotypical and prototypical puppet, strings being pulled by Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Wall Street bankers, etc. While Trump was able to change strategies, she was just stuck in the cacophony of mental nothingness, not able to rebut the future President. She lost the last two debates, falling victim to Trump’s one-liners. Trump told the people what they wanted answers for. That’s why he won.

Trump won the presidency, but he failed to make any gains in the regressivism brought about by snowflake acolytes of the CAM. In fact, all the liberal media was doing was trying to discredit the President. To this day, tehy dig and dig and can find nothing of impeachable substance. And the CAM has acolyte-friendly rebuttals. The one that really digs deep into me is how Bill Clinton cannot be compared to Trump because he’s not the President. But Trump never received a blow job from a woman under his desk at the oval office. That’s more disgusting than anything the President has been accused of. But there’s the CAM, hanging on and repeating the aforementioned rebuttal. There are the same machines who scorn Trump for keeping his election promises on the one hand while scorning him for not keeping his election promises on the other. Make up your minds, snowflakes. It’s fucking irritating.

I was compelled to write this after the CAM hypocrisy of the last couple of days. Yes, the CAM encircles and controls the Democrats opinions in the USA. This week, there was the possible unification of the Koreas happening after a US government representative visited North Korea and just before President Donald Trump is set to visit Kim Jong-Un personally. A path was set and perhaps it will be agreed upon when the American President visits. But does Trump get any credit from the mainstream media? Would Obama have gotten credit under the same circumstances? The answers are clear, yet the zombies of the CAM are incapable of understanding this or even listening at any comments towards it.

When I was in university, as a leftist, I was always fighting for free speech. I was an advocate of differing views. But taht no longer exists. It seems as if there is a list of issues or topics that are brought up and categorized as either being appropriate or inappropriate to talk about. Thus speakers are chosen as per these guidelines. Anything beyong the “appropriate” column is deemed politically incorrect, evil, or, worst of all, otherworldly. It is condemned as as sort of -ist , usually racist. Ergo,free speech is curbed, if not halted, at the university level. These are people in their late-teens and early-twenties who have learned how to be judgemental.

Before continuing, I need to clarify that I have no political affiliation at this time and I have never been a supporter of the Republican party or any other right-wing party. But I am a democratist, not to be confused with a Democrat. I believe in equality, freedom, and justice. This is to say that I judge people according to how they go about administering policy, how they live their daily lives, how they act in the public realm in accordance to the law, and how they provide for the general citizenry.

Let’s tackle the issue of illegal immigration. President Trump is following the law 100% by planning to deport illegal immigrants. Why is CAM up in arms against this? He is following the law. Let me repeat in caps, lest you wake up: PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP IS FOLLOWING THE LAW BY PLANNING TO DEPORT “ILLEGAL” IMMIGRANTS. Wake up snowflakes. What’s so hard to understand? But don’t take my word for it.

Illegal immigration is the illegal entry of a person or a group of persons across a country’s border, in a way that violates the immigration laws of the destination country, with the intention to remain in the country.

Source: Wikipedia

There. There’s no room for arguing. Although well-intentioned, the mayors allowing sanctuary cities arr breaking the law.

Then there’s the apparent feminist movement.

Feminism: The advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.

Source: Google Dictionary

Democratism is 100% behind the feminist movement as defined above. I have been a feminist my whole life and have supported real feminist movements. What we have now is rampant support for female supremacy. Tough words, but true. In the least, it’s the ability to belitgle, bully, and insult males, especially white middle-aged ones, without any admonishment or repercussions. It’s a free-for-all oon these “evil oppressors”. Snowflakes, most of these “oppressors” are normal people who arevtrying to live a happy life by earning it and by abiding the law and being respectful.

I watch panels on TV newscasts and women can freely insult a man and the man has to hold back. Meanwhile, the woman can interrupt and yell at and falselyndiscreditbthe man while everyone accepts the discrediting as fact.

Then there’s the sensitive subject of sexual abuse. The leader of Canada’s New Democratic Party said that a man accused of sexual harassment should be considered guilty until proven innocent. He sort of withdrew a bit from his original comments, but only to the extent he had to to keep his male votes. The Prime Minister didn’t say as much, but he has forcefully made sure thatbhalf his cabinet ministers are women. With most of his cabinet being make, it would go against the democratic feminist dogma of equality. But the men need to shut up. Their opinion would be construed as misogynistic.

So let’s see. My neighbour doesn’t like me. She accuses me of sexual harassment. My career is ruined. I get shunned. I’m later found not guilty. That’s real fair.

Let’s conclude by hoping some CAM members have actually read this through. Let’s hope that people start seeing the truth.


The Lonely Life of the Moribund

I’ve come to accept that the only sure thing in life is death. No. Not taxes. You must either be ignorant or just not rich enough.

But why does it need to be so painful? One pain no longer replaces another. It just joins the other to make it more intense. You naturally fall aslesp earlier just to wake up to go piss at 2 in the morning. Then you look at stars you thought would never age. But if Monica Belucci gets old, so will you. If Morrissey loses his voice, you bet you will too. If your high school teacher died after a life well spent, well…….

And remember, you won’t age as well as Monica.

I saw Shania Twain on TV the other day. She was so beautiful. But you couldn’t help seeing that she had to hide her age.

The lonely and misunderstood life of the moribund is trite at best. Acceptance is a step forward. You can accept your impending lack of energy, your continued receding hairline, even those new wrinkles around your eyes. Hell, I even accept being called “Sir” out of respect by young people. And I’m still 40-something.

The scary and misunderstood life of the ignorant and elding. It’s sad.

All this because Monica Belucci and Shania Twain, twomclassy ladies I’m still in love with, looked old on TV the other day.

But don’t worry. I’ve already snapped out of it.

Methoni — The Overlooked Upper Road (Πάνω Δρόμος)

Methoni, the town where I grew up, has grown into a primo vacay destination. So much so, that I’ve overlooked some pics I took of places because, frankly, there were just too many to choose from.

Take the above, for example. Zoom on in and you’ll see a cute menu catered for tourists. It’s mostly a local winter or low- and off-season staple. Then again, off-season is the time to go. Even pre-season of May-June is great. My favourite time is post-season of mid-September to early November, where you can enjoy all the amenities at bargain prices and temperate weather (as opposedto the 52-degree Celsius feel of Juky and August. The water will have few swimmers and you’ll be sure to eat without a reservation. Even though most restaurants are closed in the winter, pre- and post-season finds almost all of them open. And you’ll be treated like a king.

Although he deserves a separate article, and will get one soon, Andreas runs a great place. The owner of an organic olive orchard, Andreas Diles has the liveliest place away from the beach. In the evening, the main Methoni street, made of mostly cobblestone, is closed to traffic. Mind you, there are only two streets long enough to traverse the whole town. This is the “upper” street where the “market” is. In relaxing wooden chairs and old-school tables, Andreas and his wife, introduced as a chef from Poland, offer sumptuous nouveau-Greek cuisine. Or is it fusion. You have the old favourites your Greek grandm used to make but with an Eastern European twist. I never knew how many different versions and name ratatouille really had. When asked if this was ratatouille, Andreas says “I can’t say if is, since our version is a lot better”. It’s this proud spirit and Andreas’s constant interaction with the tourists taht makes this an unbelievable dining experience.

With its colourful non-matching chairs, “το καφέ της Φιλιως” or Filio’s Cafe, is a hit with the locals. A traditional coffee shop in the morning (above), quiet WiFi and contemplation spot in the afternoon (although the owner will try to outdo herself to make sure you’re continuously comfortable), and bar at night, there’s always something going on here. This is a surprising hotspot to meet people.

There you go. And not a beach in sight. It’s about a 10-minute leisurely walk away.

A Hot Young Old-School Greek Communist

I was deciding where to sit in the Gazi neighbourhood in Athens. As you can see on the paper, it was Sunday, September 3rd, 2017. It would be my last day in Athens for yet another summer.

The image above was taken at a posh cafe just a few minutes after I’d bought it. I had come out of the amazing Athens metro system (boasting the title of best metro in Europe) and was walking my way up the stairs whena stunning young university student came up to me and asked me if I had been to the Greek Communist Youth conference.

“Sorry, I never heard about it. I’ve been out of the loop for so long,” I confessed.

She smiled and looked at me. She knew I was saying the truth yet was accepting the fact that I’d griwn out of it.

“You can help by buying a paper,” she asked, smiling, knowing she’d guilted me into it.

“I’ve got two hours to kill,” I told her. Do you need to stay here, or can I buy you coffee, a drink, or dinner?”

She smiled.

“Do I look like day game?”

“It’s actually after six. But it’s still day. But I haven’t heard that term in Greece. ”

She laughed, exposing her neck s she lensd backwards.

“Well, the word doesn’t have a Greek equivalent. We just call it kamaki,” she said.

“Παναγιώτη, πάω για καφέ,” she told a fellow university student. He nodded.

“Good. Bet you never thought I’d say yes to your offer. And i’m damn hungry,” she said.

We walked to my regular place. I was greeted personally by my waiter, and given my favourite seat. He barely looked at the girl. She didn’t quite fit the type of customer they be serving.

“Yes, Costa,” I said, “for two people. ”

The girl above is the hostess of the restaurant. She is supposed to be the eye candy that entices the people to take a seat.

We ordered and started chatting.

“I’ve learned to believe that the old-school Marxism you believe in can no longer win elections. The current government is the closest thing we’ll get. And they’re stuck,” I said.

“The Communists wouldn’t be stuck. Drachma overnight. Just like the finance minister admitted to having planned,” she answered.

“I totally agree with the ideal outcome. I totally want that to happen,” I said.

“So do you feel like a king here? Am I what you would want to be with? A starving university student who’s too shy to sell herself?”

“You seem to know more about it than that do. I was simply turned on by you. You know, you brought back the beauty of my youth,” I said.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “I can no longer play you.”

“Play me?”

“We choose a victim every day or so. It’s so silly. Part of our communist rebellion against the oligarchs. Or against the people we think are trying to use our poverty to their advantage,” she said. “I fitbthe profile. Poor university student. And you fit the profile. An average tourist who comes to a country to take advantage of young ladies.”

“I’ve never thought of that. It would be easy to do though.”

“Unfortunately, you’re right.”

We started talking about the state of things and throwing out solutions. Before long, it was time to meet some relatives for dessert at Plaka.

Without a thought, we went tehre together. I introduced her as a friend. She was very sociable nd we all had a great night of earing, drinking, dancing, and talking.

She kissed me ever-so-softly as I went into the taxi waiting for me in front of my hotel to take me to the airport. I smiled. It had been so long since my university years. She waved at me and turned and started walking the other way. It had been a very interesting 18 hours.

I’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down

I’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down

(C) Ted Kouretas 2018

Travelling alone

At last

21 candles

20 lit

Daddy took your playhouse house


No Ken or Barbie

Now there are jets and parties

Europe, America, the Middle East

A woman of the world



Twitter followers

Daddy wants to see you grow

As long as you know the truth behind it

As long as it happens before you become redundant


You smell the freshness

Room service

The three of you

By the canal