Girl Drowning

Lifeguard Sleeping, Girl Drowning—Morrissey

New bikini dear

Swam too far cuz Craig was cruel

Hooray, Irish wake

(C) Ted Kouretas 2018


Rule 1—Stand Up Straight With Your Shoulders Back

In Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos, there is a golden first rule. “Stand Up Straight With Your Shoulders Back”. Without reading the first chapter, we may wonder what’s is so newsworthy about this. After reading, we wonder how straight we’re standing. Peterson manages to explain in the simplest of ways jow simple gestures and thought patterns can decide whether we remain miserable or become that friendly bully. That bully who’ll never have to bully anyone. And if you had a choice, wouldn’t you rather be the bully? Wouldn’t you love to lose some of your bleeding heart sentimentalism and feel better, look better, and live longer? All this can be concluded as tantamountjust by deciding to stand up straight.

Why does James Bond always win? Because he stands up straight. It’s also the reason women are attracted to him. He doesn’t have the burden and the weight of the world on his shoulders. He is an ever-fresh slate. As long as he seems to care about his image, who cares if he isn’t that good-looking. Pop psychology and #metoo movements aside, it is a fact through most of the animal kingdom, a proven fact, that women ard attracted to powerful men. They may not want to admit it or may not even be aware of it, but it is ingrained and genetic.

Happy people stand up straight. Happy people are successful. Successful people have self-confidence. Self-confident people feel better, look better, have better sex, and just live longer. They are not burdened.

The same person transformed. True or not, the slouch defines a loser. The first guy thus becomes a loser to others. Then he becomes a loser to himself. He then thinks back and believes what his childhood bully had told him and lets the self-fulfilling prophecy win. He literally becomes a loser. He fails his job interview. His business goes bankrupt. Stress turns to depression. His wife leaves him to go with Daniel Craig. All this because he never stood up straight. Because he couldn’t make love properly. He couldn’t worry about things beyond his nbattle for existence.

I’ve been in perpetual love with Lorraine Pascale. I first saw her on a cooking show. Then I discovered she had been a model before being a chef. She had a very hard life being adopted in her early childhood. Yet there she is, standing up straight and tall. Which came first, the posture or the success? Dare I say they co-existed and fed off each other. She probably never shrugged and never took that smile off her face. She never went down that dangerous post-modeling road. No addictions. No regrets.

They may not like to admit it, but men are very attracted to powerful women. While women arevattrcted to powerful men for a long-term life together, men are attrcted to powerful women in a more sexual way.

Before I started writing this blog about an hour or so ago, I decided to take advantage of the sunny February day and park the car and walk.

I made sure to stand up straight, shoulders back. I felt my back pain dissipate by 80%. I breathed better. I felt a new squirt of serotonin hitting my body. Or something like that. I was out of my overthinking bubble. I didn’t make way for others to pass. They made way for me. And they did so naturally. At the coffee shop, full of expats watching Greek soccer live on the big screen, I didn’t have to squeeze into a table with shoulders hunched together. No, I saw people making way, taking their coats so I can sit. I saw them realizing my broadened shoulders wouldn’t take less room. I was looked at, by the same people, in a different way. “This motherfucker’s different” they must have subconsciously thought. For the first time in a while, my cogfee was served exactly the way I wanted it served.

Yes, it’s just one little universal rule. But try it. It’ll be the start of an eternal friendship.

Reader Meet Author

There’s nothing like Morrissey telling the writers of his day, including himself, that they write of things they know nothing of.

When he says,

You don’t know a thing about their lives

They live where you wouldn’t dare to drive

most of the writers in their penthouse Manhattan winter condo can ascertain that this is true. And they’re happy about it as they prepare to ride off to an art gallery opening. They are relieved about it as they prepare to ski in the Italian Alps. They feel fake for a moment, but think of Detroit as a ghetto with a lot of stories in it, and smile.

Charles Bukowski has influenced my writing more than anyone to ever exist on this planet. He was so real that there were subcategories of seamy realism he has been ordained the godfather of. Dirty Realism is the one he sticks out being the pioneer of. He speaks from the heart. He gies a step further and goes autobiographical on us to make the realism stronger.

Then there is Ernest Hemingway, the greatest ever short story writer. Like Bukowski, Hemingway is genius at explaining big central ideas in very simple terms. I pattern my short stories on Hemingway as I do my poetry after Bukowski.

Then I come across a societal conundrum. I decide to be real. But my reality doesn’t match the hapoenings of the day. I can’t write mystery novels. I tend to stick to the untold parts of everyday life. Like Bukowski, I trend towards dirty realism. It’s there. It exists. But even the ones who want to embrace it will have to keep that a secret. They’ll need to read it with a flashlight under their covers, so to speak.

I guess not all of us realize the difference between a cult following and lovers of an alternative point of view. The latter are not blindly fascinated by personality and -isms. They in fact expect truth from a difference voice. They want to know why some things happen.

In my new book of poetry, A Fine Line, I decided to attack the problem of anomie and sociopathy from within; from the point of view of a malinformed and disturbed nihilist who wants healing and truth. And this is a reality that I have observed and even lived. It is important to build empathy and understanding and to see how the apparent evildoers are often waiting for some reason to change to trickle in.

Ted Kouretas’ New Book of Postmodern Poetry—-Interview

Book available here

A Fine Line is a book written from the perspective of a nihilist looking to find order in the chaos. Looking in all of the predetermined places gets him nowhere.

John Sutter: Is this a work of fiction? I mean, there’s a lot of things going on here people would pay good money for.

Ted Kouretas: Nothing is totally fictitious. Fiction always exists within reality.

JS: But is the narrator you?

TK: It’s a troubled me. Yes. Or rather, perhaps.

JS: When did you write most of the poems on here?

TK: Almost all of them were written in Greece. I was in the big city. Athens is a multi-faceted place. You go from luxury to misery in a small block’s walk. I experienced both. Most of the poems are attempts at acceptance. They ard actually me trying to make sense of things.

JS: Do you make sense of things?

TK: I have now. But lest we forget these were my carefree hedonistic years. I had no borders. At the time, I was addicted to sensual desire. I needed to experience all my needs. This takes you to dangerous places.

JS: But there’s a lot of nostalgia in many poems.

TK: We always opine for the good old days. We think we’ve leadnsd from them when in fact we’ve become corrupted from them. It’s more like the demoralizing mediocre old days. A ship of fools with all decks on board.

JS: So do the old memories free you somewhat?

TK: Hopefully. They have in real life. Eventually. Duting the writings of the poems, there was so much addiction. There was so much pain. It was a way out.

JS: How do you feel about the disclaimer from the publisher?

TK: I’d be scared shitless and covering all my bases too. As you know, there is no truth these days other than the one preached by a select few. The walls are crumbling and our defense mechanisms are rendered useless. It’s a very sad state of affairs.

JS: I’m not sure I understand. Do you believe in fake news then?

TK: People think Donald Trump created the fake news mentality. Fact is, he was the only one unfiltered enough to actually state a big truth. Like him or not.

JS: What was your purpose in writing this book of poetry?

TK: Let’s be honest. I’m taking a chance here. My favourite musical artist, Morrissey, has gotten in trouble so many times for showing points of view. He gets called a racist by putting in the brain of a young man who admires the National Front. Of course being a neo-Nazi is inexcusable. But it helps to know why. Everything is a pattern.

JS: A pattern?

TK: Yes. Recruiters always go after the most susceptible. There are recruiters for the army, for menial labour, for prostitution, for drug dealing, for killing. The weak and disenfranchised are easy prey. Through learning about them, perhaps we can help curb the problem. To answer your initial question, my main purpose for this book is for the common folks to experience the joys and tribulations in the fine line between insanity and creativity. They should get into the brain of the nihilistic protagonist and see how his thoughts play a major role in his seclusion. This is what leads and maintains addiction.

JS: Any takeaway from this book?

TK: Never think you know anything.

Ted Kouretas describes himself as a postmodern iconoclast bent on showing taboo truths. With this book, he gives us a glimpse.

John Sutter is a PostDoc litarature fellow from the University of Alabama.

Top 5 Female TV Journalists

There’s nothing as attractive as a beautiful and intelligent woman.

Here are the 5 top female journalists based on beauty, intelligence, and personality.

5. Megyn Kelly

Megyn became popular during the Republican Presidential Debate when Donald Trump insinuated she must have been on her period because she was asking unflattering questions. She took her fame out of the conservative FOX to the leftist NBC. She may not be good at interviews, but she knows who butters her break more thickly.

4. Courtney Friel

This lady has earned her way to the anchor job at her local FOX station. She was a sportscaster, travel show hist, and has covered almost every journalistic discipline. She has moved from the left to the right politically. Like Megyn, she knows which slice has more butter.

3. Sian Williams

Sian is the first person in her family tree to be born outside of Wales. She has seen success all over England on radio and TV. She also took up the fight for better and healthy living after going through breast cancer. She is respected by all and is in big demand.

2. Annie Demelt

Annie has moved her way up to the second highest anchor on CTV Montreal local newscasts. She worked her way up with some good journalism. An every person’s person, Annie has been able to attach herself to the everyday citizen. Her simple tastes and honesty make her approach on social media as well.

1.Melissa Theuriau

Melissa is one of the top anchors in France and also one of its top celebrities, especially on social media. She started off as a TV presenter and has down quite a range of television jobs. Melissa is very humble, claiming not to understand why she’s so popular. Yep! She models.