Santorini from a single person’s perspective

As you come to the main Santorini port, you can no longer see the whitewashed houses. You see what looks like a big rock sliced in 2 in a very imperfect way. You look at the port and think back to how much your friends were exaggerating. Well, they weren’t.

The young lady’s name was Dimitra. She held up a sign saying Rooms to Let in English, German, and Greek. She was looking out for Greeks as I made myself more visible. They trust the Greek won’t ramshackle their cute little rooms. I approached her and got half the price she had quoted the German before me. And she also said it came with a ride.

I was well-rested from my 5-hour sleep on the boat. I felt secure in the car. I saw many tourists trying to properly climb a donkey and felt sorry for the creature as the angles to get up were almost like a straight line. 

Up on top there were more people with rooms. I guess Dimitra was privileged with a connection. I was in Chora, the main town. I was pretty unimpressed as it was full of noise and people. I went to my room to rest and take a shower.

This is one of the main beaches, Kamaria. All the beaches in Santorini have black sand and are not big. They are underpopulated compared to the people there. Needless to say, and rightfully so, Santorini is the only island I’d been to that didn’t boast their beach. And they are not right for me. They look too gothic for a Greek island. Structurally, they give me some kind of undefined phobia. 

It seems most of the swimming on the island takes place in the hotel swimming pools. Just look at the scenery.

On and on it goes. Just look at the beauty of this place. 

This is Oia, the second biggest and by far most beautiful town on the island. You need to travel these roads and bump into locals and tourists, artists, writers, see the rich and famous hiding themselves.

This was a delight. A trendy artsy acquaintance invited me up for a dip. Pure heaven. Best scenery you’ll ever be a part of.

This famous Greek celebrity didn’t want me to photograph her face.

How’s this for a dinner spot?

And the night never looked better.

Santorini is great, but must be seen either in a couple or with a group of friends. It is romantic but not sexy. It is classy yet not mundane. It is a postcard come to life.

And remember, find accommodations in Oia.

Mykonos, Bikinis, and the Chaotic Vacation

Seeing I’m 6 days away from my Greek vacation, I’d like to state I won’t be doing the Greek islands this time around. I don’t have time for a vacation after my vacation. Perhaps I’m aging badly. Perhaps my body is telling my brain it needs a break. Or probably vice versa. 

Look at the crowd above. Granted, there are much more serene places. But travel to the islands takes a toll on you.

No matter what beach you’re at, you need to look your best. Unless you’re nude sunbathing, here are a couple of popular bikini types this year. 

This is all the rage on the islands this year, especially for younger women. If your curves allow it, this is a must. Simple, classy, and comfortable. 

For women who are a bit more traditional and slightly older, a high bottom is in order and in style.  Show your good stuff while not overexposing yourself. 

Do you like to be active at the beach? Play volleyball and go for a dip in a nice sports bikini. Don’t lose out on comfort, quality, and style while doing more than sunbathing. 

This outfit is a bit more daring. It’s sure to turn heads. 

Finally, be more conservative and still look great in this sports suit that passes for a swimsuit. 

Meanwhile, I’ll just lay back and take in some waves.