A Clockwork Orange — Always Timely

The film is older than I am, but that’s no reason to be unaware of it. I first saw it in film studies class at 18years old. And it has helped me understand others and the overhyped difference in the good vs. evil dichotomy.  It is the reason I changed my major to Sociology. 

The setting seems to be a post-war world where Russia seems to have won the war. So many Russian words and references. And our hero is tge leader of a gang who winds up raping a woman and giing to jail. He is abusee by the system, beaten up by the cops when he’s out, and windsnup coming ahead at the end and starting a new circle— that of corruption.

We see the whole gamut here. There is a reason for everyone’s behaviour. We should learn to understand why instead of how. Thanks to Alex, I hve been able to filter others while making itbpossible to teach my points of view unfiltered.

Alas, if only people would pay attention.

Ted Kouretas is a former member of the Droog Foundation, now defunct and completely erased from any internet search because of his close relation to Hillary Clinton. Remember, if there’s a will, there’s always corruption and the skewing of algorithms.