Soft brown skin dark eyes

Trust, strength, pride, honest, good heart

Beauty soothes the soul


I’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down

I’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down

(C) Ted Kouretas 2018

Travelling alone

At last

21 candles

20 lit

Daddy took your playhouse house


No Ken or Barbie

Now there are jets and parties

Europe, America, the Middle East

A woman of the world



Twitter followers

Daddy wants to see you grow

As long as you know the truth behind it

As long as it happens before you become redundant


You smell the freshness

Room service

The three of you

By the canal

Straight Edge Subculture Within Democratist Dogma

This is an article about straight edge theory and practice and its relation with Democratism.

Please read the link below to better understand the subculture of straight edge living.

It is very appealing and logical to live healthy disease-preventive lifestyles. Our society doesn’t run on the premise of preventing illness. On the contrary, it thrives on us all eventually getting sick and being used as cash cows for the hospitals and medicine that we become enslaved to. With pharmaceutical companies working on cures, why would they want to work on prevention? Billions of dollars a years are made on the backs of the sick.

Democratism believes in sane and healthy living. It is actually the simplest way to live once we take away society’s bad influences and addictive bahaviours it entices us with.

The pics above depict most people’s idea of a typical straight-edged person. We imagine tattoos, piercings, fitness, alternative lifestyles, etc.

I adhere to the democratist straight edge lifestyle for the most part, and I look like a very regular person. I don’t particularly like punk music and don’t have a hip vegan/vegetarian diet. I’d say I’m a typical straight edged practitioner. So may the women below. We can’t be picked out in a crowd unless we are militant about the movement and follow it religiously. And that’s perfectly fine as well.

Below are the basic tenets of a lifestyle to help prevent addiction and illness.

1. No Drugs

There have been so many deaths by prescription drugs. Elvis Presley was first decades ago, but Michael Jackson, Prince, and many others have succumbed from their addiction to prescription drugs they needed more and more of.

One pill for pain. Another for gastritis. Another for energy. Yet another for my anxiety. It’s so confusing. But I’d better not forget to double up when needed and tell the pharmacist I lost my pills and also go to another doctor with no record of me to get a new prescription. I know how to work the system.

Do I really? The system profits from this and your body rots from it. This is as bad as almost any illness and eventually brings about illness. Very often, way too often, it brings about death.

2. Tobacco and Nicotine

Smoking keeps killing people and makes billions of dollars for pharmaceutical companies and posh new urbaan hospitals.

Nowadays it is easier to get off cigarettes because of the prohibition placed upon them in public and private areas and institutions. People have even stopped smoking at home, opting to put on their coats in the frigid cold and smoke on their balconies. It is pathetic and sad to see people at break during work trembling from the cold or dehydrating from the heat whike their hands tremble or sweat just to get a few tokes in to survive till lunch.

Thankfully, people are realizing that vapes are just as bad.

3. Sugar and Processed/Junk Foods

You are what you eat. More than ever before.

Did you ever think that “healthy” cereal would be unhealthy. Anything that lasts too long and is in a can is bad for you. Most restaurant food is bad for you. All fast food is bad for you.

The main culprit is sugar. It doesn’t matter what colour it is, or where it comes from, sugar is deadly.

Sugar is added to almost anything. Fried foods are especially dangerous because they use old oil, which is cancerous.

4. Sexual Addiction

Sexual addiction is not the enjoyment of sex. It is being preoccupied by sex almost consistently. It is more of a need to feel important than anything else.

The sex addict needs to have control because he hasn’t had any for a long time. And the more sex he has, the more control he loses after every session. Ergo, the need for a new and higher dose. New perversions. New kinks.

For others, mostly women, it’s more of a need to be loved. In today’s society, loneliness makes us love addicts. Addicted to love; that’s us. Sex is just an instrument.

5. Alcohol Dependence

There’s no doubt alcoholism is terrible.

Let’s just speak about alcohol dependence, which is not alcoholism.

Alcohol, like sex, becomes an addiction under certain situations. The victim is not an alcoholic because they are able to stop under normal circumstances.

They turn to alcohol when they need to escape. This is different from sex addiction in that it has different emotional triggers. Here, it is an apparent unsolvable problem or extreme neediness with a need to escape that are the main triggers. You can say this is a passive addiction with passive triggers when compared to sex ddiction.

There is no need to poison our bodies and minds. The difficulty with most of the above vices is their abundant availability. We need to try and overcome. On summer vacation, I go to the bar and don’t drink alcohol. I don’t follow others to fast food places. I try to eat local.

As is said in the article at the beginning of this post, we can eaxh have our own version of being clean. We will know we are when the time comes. In democratist dogma, it is important to obtain and sustain optimal mental and physical health. Whether a meatless diet is healthieris up for debate. But there is no debate about the effects of drugs and alcohol. And, unfortunately, most people don’t realize the effects of loneliness and a lack of control and belonging.

Let’s hug and kiss whenever we can. It’s better and more powerful and healthy than drugs.

Girlfriend In A Coma

It never fails. We only think of others when it’s too late. We revel in their wakes, cry walking next to the pall bearers, look sad when having ghe coffee in the church basement after the funeral. Yes, we are the unattractive and the unattrcatable. We are mere gnats in the emblem of joyous revelry. And a conspicuous gnat at that. A gnat of the brooding yet eroding quality. A bug. A wannabe tyrant that has no power than to leave a blemish in the form of a stain when it gets quashed.

It never fails. We give the greatest speech in our lives when we speak of things we would never believe in. We are there, waiting. Waiting for some kind of miracle withing the thornbushes of our minds. We condemn the fucker, yet we feel this great burden, this great stress, this embarrassing creature gone. Forever. And we don’t know how to interpret his ferocity. We shall never understand his rough exterior nd sadistic interior. He was, hopefully, the end of a debauched family line.

The three of us, if not more I know not of yet, will wonder why this brute raped us. We’ll wonder why Judith is in a coma and blame ourselves. We’ll know, at least, why she was everybody’s girlfriend. We’ll know why she couldn’t commit. We’ll know why she couldn’t ever get rid of her addictions and, fittingly, why she was found self-damaged in her hotel room on a routinely slow Sunday morning by Mr. Perkins before he was to board his plane back to the leisure of Omaha, Nebraska. Poor Perkins. He was wailing like a little boy. I wish I could assure him he was just an accidental john.

So yes, in this case, the girlfrind being in a coma is really serious.

And there’s the brute, eating more than anyone else, lookingbat us, then eating again.

Rally for Macedonia

Skopje or Fyrom (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) have almost succeeded in having their country’s official name changed to Macedonia.

This area has been a part of Yugoslavia during the Tito area and never officially a country with the official name of Macedonia. Since the downfall of Yugoslavia, the independent country has come closer to getting the name Macedonia as their official name. In the current Olympic games, they weren’t allowed to be called Macedonia. On the other hand, most countries are breaking official protocol and calling the country Macedonia anyway. Obviously, this is backed by the global political elite who wish to see this happen in order to further throw Greece in a weaker state.

Here’s a brief history:

The forced birth of a nation

On Sunday, March 11th, we all need to get together in front of the Greek consulate in Montreal and make our voices heard.

Macedonia was, is, and will always be Greek.

Rule 1—Stand Up Straight With Your Shoulders Back

In Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos, there is a golden first rule. “Stand Up Straight With Your Shoulders Back”. Without reading the first chapter, we may wonder what’s is so newsworthy about this. After reading, we wonder how straight we’re standing. Peterson manages to explain in the simplest of ways jow simple gestures and thought patterns can decide whether we remain miserable or become that friendly bully. That bully who’ll never have to bully anyone. And if you had a choice, wouldn’t you rather be the bully? Wouldn’t you love to lose some of your bleeding heart sentimentalism and feel better, look better, and live longer? All this can be concluded as tantamountjust by deciding to stand up straight.

Why does James Bond always win? Because he stands up straight. It’s also the reason women are attracted to him. He doesn’t have the burden and the weight of the world on his shoulders. He is an ever-fresh slate. As long as he seems to care about his image, who cares if he isn’t that good-looking. Pop psychology and #metoo movements aside, it is a fact through most of the animal kingdom, a proven fact, that women ard attracted to powerful men. They may not want to admit it or may not even be aware of it, but it is ingrained and genetic.

Happy people stand up straight. Happy people are successful. Successful people have self-confidence. Self-confident people feel better, look better, have better sex, and just live longer. They are not burdened.

The same person transformed. True or not, the slouch defines a loser. The first guy thus becomes a loser to others. Then he becomes a loser to himself. He then thinks back and believes what his childhood bully had told him and lets the self-fulfilling prophecy win. He literally becomes a loser. He fails his job interview. His business goes bankrupt. Stress turns to depression. His wife leaves him to go with Daniel Craig. All this because he never stood up straight. Because he couldn’t make love properly. He couldn’t worry about things beyond his nbattle for existence.

I’ve been in perpetual love with Lorraine Pascale. I first saw her on a cooking show. Then I discovered she had been a model before being a chef. She had a very hard life being adopted in her early childhood. Yet there she is, standing up straight and tall. Which came first, the posture or the success? Dare I say they co-existed and fed off each other. She probably never shrugged and never took that smile off her face. She never went down that dangerous post-modeling road. No addictions. No regrets.

They may not like to admit it, but men are very attracted to powerful women. While women arevattrcted to powerful men for a long-term life together, men are attrcted to powerful women in a more sexual way.

Before I started writing this blog about an hour or so ago, I decided to take advantage of the sunny February day and park the car and walk.

I made sure to stand up straight, shoulders back. I felt my back pain dissipate by 80%. I breathed better. I felt a new squirt of serotonin hitting my body. Or something like that. I was out of my overthinking bubble. I didn’t make way for others to pass. They made way for me. And they did so naturally. At the coffee shop, full of expats watching Greek soccer live on the big screen, I didn’t have to squeeze into a table with shoulders hunched together. No, I saw people making way, taking their coats so I can sit. I saw them realizing my broadened shoulders wouldn’t take less room. I was looked at, by the same people, in a different way. “This motherfucker’s different” they must have subconsciously thought. For the first time in a while, my cogfee was served exactly the way I wanted it served.

Yes, it’s just one little universal rule. But try it. It’ll be the start of an eternal friendship.