Contrived Fear and Enslavement

Words are the strongest things that exist. They give us joy and can drive us crazy. In a world rife with fake news, reality and truth can barely be distinguished. People are expected to act a certain or risk being shunned. I will speak of the abuse of words and its consequences.

We’ve all become aware of the term “fake news”. What we’re questioning is the meaning of the term. Fake news has a broad meaning which depends on the leanings and beliefs of the user. The term is usually used in the political realm.

Donald Trump got credited for coining the term during his election campaign when calling unsubstantiated claims and allegations against him as fake news. This brought about the careful and more informed scrutiny of the media by the right. It started becoming apparent that the left, as they had accused the right of continuously doing, had an agenda for Hillary Clinton to win the election.

When this agenda became abundantly clear, the Democrats went a step further to in discrediting Trump by making lewd sexual endeavours pop out every other day. When others pointed out the misgivings of Bill Clinton, the left-wing media responded with a “he’s not running for president and that was decades ago”. The words that couldn’t get through were that Bill Clinton committed proven crimes while in office. Also, Hillary was covering up her husband’s crimes by threatening or bribing or blackmailing his accusers and victims. This was continuously overlooked. It was politically incorrect to attack the Clinton machine.

It costs only a cable subscription to get bombarded and eventually driven into an intellectual void. This is done mainly through good old gaslighting that comes through, that’s right…. words. Gaslighting is classically known as a way someone makes you believe you are seeing something other than what is apparently and solidly there. Eventually, this can lead to weakness and even insanity. In short, it creates slavery.

That’s your brain turning to mush. Media manipulation is stronger than any drug because it cannot be undone. The information stays there and it affects you psychologically.

Political correctness is the intimidation factor here. You are taught what is acceptable. You are afraid to go astray because, like it or not, you will be shunned. You can lose your friends, your job, even your family. You are eventually to become a bearer of fake news or the victim of it.

Let’s go back to Donald Trump. For pointing out the obvious and giving it a term, he brought about all kinds of consequential retorts. He was a philanderer, a rapist. The politically correct machine had the power and blessing of most of the world because they have all been brainwashed or in charge of the brainwashing brought about by the media. The media is responsible for metting out the truth. Instead, they mete out what is assigned to them by special interest groups that pay their salaries. Donald Trump responded in kind and was quickly reprimanded for it. More labels. More negative -isms. As for Hillary, she was an angel, the purveyor of truth, the victim. The networks speaking up against her were seen as merely fringe opportunists. The intellectuals supporting Trump’s campaign were misled or profiteers.

Trump won the election because he travelled and spoke to the people. He got little airtime. He got almost completely negative mainstream press. But the people were hurting. Alas, there was someone speaking their language. The tone deaf that came out of the closet, even if for one Trump speech or rally, often understood the message. Trump was able to tackle taboo issues. The leftists cringed. Most Republicans cringed, albeit privately.

People need to believe. Blind faith only goes so far. Ergo, Donald Trump wins the election. It was not at all a surprise to me, seeing in how he had the wherewithal to oppose the politically correct media, pundits, and international community.

Let’s skew away from Trump now and just feel ashamed for looking at the skinny model above and finding her attractive. Fake news will label her as anorexic. At the same time, fake news will call out anything remotely associated with fat-shaming. Let me be clear that neither side of the coin is right. People are people. Instead of preaching equality, the media chooses who we need to shun. In this case, the more healthy model above. She is not anorexic. We all know what anorexics look like. The media won’t take the blame when our politically correct acceptance of fat and obesity leads to premature death. But people’s lives don’t matter. What matters is a loss of ethics at any cost.

This is an emo girl. She is a disenfranchised millenial. She is the consequence of the anomie and loneliness caused by fake news. Emo stands for “emotional”. Young people like this girl listen to melodic punk with emotional lyrics and undertones. They are often admittedly depressed youth. There is no ambition outside of their closely-knit community. Unlike previous generations of rebel youth, these young people will find it hard to get out of this emotional circle they’re in. They will be stigmatized and gaslighted by words. Fake words. Fake sentences. Fake stories. Fke news. They are inequipped to deal with or separate the fodder that acts as reality from actual reality.

If someone reads this sign and kills themselves, should the bitch in the picture be jailed? Is this sign appropriate? How can this sign be appropriate when a sign reading “MEN ARE PEOPLE TOO” would be found unacceptable? Have I lost your fondness for me yet? Have I hurt your politically correct feelings? Have you just decided to not think and blame? Or have you decided to take a step back and think?

So how does contrived misinformation enslave us? It keeps us in a state of uncertainty, which produces a fear of reacting with our minds. It makes us react and think like others want us to.

Yes, you are a slave.

Take a Knee? Why?

There seems to be a misconception about why we should take a knee. Let me see if I have it right. Colin Kaepernick originally took a knee a year ago,  making it clear it was to react against police brutality and racism against African Americans.  And, quicker than a Buffalo Bills loss,  he was blackballed by the NFL. No team has hired him since. 

Let’s go forward to the present. NFL players are taking knees during the anthem, just like Kaepernick last year. President Trump condemns this. So they do it even more. Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones decides to kneel before the anthem to set a precedent to not do it during the anthem. 

But why are they kneeling? Apparently,  for the same reason. Why are they not being blackballed? There’s probably too many of them and the league would be in trouble. Ok. Really. Why are they really kneeling? Maybe to protest against the president. Maybe to show they hate Trump. 

The NFL is handcuffed. 

Then we have nuts like these. They must have spoken to Meryl Streep. Why is X-Files taking a knee? I doubt they have any idea why. This is like the Clinton campaign. Just be politically correct, don’t have any boxes to think out of, and just become a catch phrase. Do they not realise that this stupid stance makes Donald Trump, the most powerful man in the free world, triumphant once again? 

Can we agree that many people, like these two, just want to be nice neo-liberals and not be bothered to think? 

Meet the Pittsburgh Penguins. Stanley Cup champions. They announced they’ll visit the White House. And of course, they’re being raked over the coals by the mainstream media. The popular reason given was that every player on the team and the management is white. What exactly does this mean? Does it make every white guy a racist? Maybe they live in glass houses where only whites exist. Those nasty insensitive hockey players. Do they even know about taking a knee? 

This is CNN host Erin Burnett. She kept saying “sons of bitches” to prove some point when quoting Trump. It was so sad to see this woman’s personal views hindering her newscast. She interrupts those who disagree with her. She says she doesn’t like Trump. She gets emotional. Mad. 

Then there’s the man himself. Anderson Cooper. He is classier than Burnett. He doesn’t swear. He’s respectable. He is a master of illusion. He starts off his show saying how there are more important issues in the world and concerning America, but thanks to Donald Trump he will have to lead with the NFL problem. The manipulation is overt. It is on display. He wants us to know who’s to blame. He will have his cake and eat it too. Cooper never gives a clear explanation as to what is going on with the knee. 

Here’s why the players are kneeling. They hate President Trump. The mainstream media convince the masses that Trump is picking on football because most of the players are black. This makes him a racist. No proof. Racist by hearsay. By rumour. By hatred. 

There is no doubt that this is a fight against Trump. The proof is in the blackballing of taking a knee last year and the sheer hypocrisy of opposite results now. Why is this dismissed? Why can’t someone outside of FOX news admit that this is happening and why? 

Because Hillary Clinton is on a book tour, insulting anyone from Bernie Sanders to ignorant women who voted for Trump. Is this far-fetched? Maybe, but Clinton is responsible for the brainwashing of the nation. She is responsible for the populism she criticizes. She and the Clinton family  (including Obama) have more power than any other gang or political movement combined. They lie. They cheat. They steal. They create politically correct catchphrases. They manipulate the media. They control Hollywood by having the establishment buy into their game. This is neo-liberalism. This is more conservative by definition than the Republican party.  

Finally, beware the boob box and the internet. Be leery of so-called facts. Understand why things happen by watching and reading a variety of outlets with alternate points of view. 

So, take a knee? No. Why? Because it’s manipulation. Like the Green Bay Packers’ fans yesterday, I go to Lambau field because it’s the best football atmosphere ever. And thank goodness they didn’t listen to their white quarterback to put their arms around their neighbors’ arms. Very few people did. 

It seems that taking the knee is a thing of the past already. 

A Postmodern  Populist November 

Postmodernism is ,  as I was taught in my second-year lit course ,  something we aspire to become through the non -acceptance of modern ideology. The Britannica dictionary gives a more thorough meaning. I tend to think of a theory that is already there and waiting to be defined when there is enough cynicism with most of what we define as being part of the establishment . 

It has been an eventful November so far .  We only need to look at the weather and its consistent inconsistency to see change is really upon us .  We have come to realize this with the advent of populism . Yes ,  the plight of the working class ,  the so-called huddled masses, has finally come to the fore .  They don’t care about the environment . Recycling won’t help them put food on the table . The climate may be changing ,  but that is secondary to the power of the only democratic thing out there —the ballot .  The people kicked out the establishment when they voted in Donald Trump . 

There has never been so much civil defiance as far as I can remember .  The pollsters were wrong. So were the media . So were ,  most importantly ,  the establishment and the elite . You know ,  that Wall Street bunch with Maseratis and secret offshore hedge funds .  We have overcome because they didn’t get their candidate in .  In fact ,  Trump is the ultimate  anti -candidate ,  which is what makes it such a coup .  He talks like us .  He thinks like we do ,  privately .  He even look like my Uncle George with an ill -fitting ugly cap worn with a suit and ugly tie .  He is the emblem of middle America and the one to empower the poor .  He is the one who overcame all odds and won .  For the everyman. Like the bully we live vicariously through ,  Donald Trump is the one who was able to defeat the Republican establishment and be heard over the corrupt musings of the Clinton clan .  And as for his comments ,  what else could he have said ?  The goal was to win .  You bring in the wounded to your party and rebuild their dignity .  It is the only way to empower the huddled masses .  

Michael Moore predicted the victory.  Here is a video explaining exactly why Trump would win. 

Do we need more proof ?  Yes , first Britain experienced postmodernism with Brexit and now the USA with Trump . This is possibly the way to epiphany and atonement that we’ve longed for since my first anarchist thought . Since my first Bukowski poem . Since my first Lit course . Since I realized democracy was still a theory .  Since I saw how much worse public schools were .  Like Trump says “what have you got to lose? “ And truth be told ,  there’s nothing much to lose .  Is there ?  When you look at it from a broad spectrum ? 

I woke up this morning in the fog of autumn .  The fire escape is for the huddled masses who will continue to live in such places .  But Trump won .  It was what needed to happen . It is the only way out.