I Love a Girl

I Love a Girl

I love a girl

She lives on whims

Sometimes distorted

Yet always true




I love a girl

I know but for five days

She understands my soul

I feel dependent

Yes, independent

We count the raindrops

On the window


The pane on a lonely sill

Trying to keep insipid maggots away

I swear I saw her smile

I swear she had stopped crying

She was still rosy and thin

Like a girlfriend; just out of a coma


Pain while leaning on the window sill

It’s turned to mundane thoughts

Of boring tranquility

The kind that takes away creativity

That’ll keep your ear from being accidentally cut off


I love a girl

And she loves me

We’re both living in serendipity

Our lives

Our works

Our sweet temporary madness

We paint on an empty easel-less board

We write our thoughts on a chalkboard


And that’s the story of our creative life

When turned off, it’s hedonistic


I love a girl

As much as I should

I know she loves me

Loves me for good

(C) Ted Kouretas 2018

Main post photo: Ted Kouretas — Park Bench in Autumn Leaves (Montreal, 2018)

Photo below: Ted Kouretas — Prostitute Row (Psirri, Athens, 2017)

Morrissey Misunderstood Again— Now by One of his Disciples

I bury the living

When I was a young lad and heard The Smiths for the first time, I felt a sudden solace in my soul. The words, written almost exclusively by Stephen Patrick Morrissey, were genius to me as they spoke to my situation at the time. When The Smiths broke up, I was glad that Morrissey decided to stick to why his fans wanted. Through the decades, he has always been, and still remains, a voice for the voiceless.

Can we see what is really being said here?

Compare the top with the original interview. Obviously, their interpretation is fake news.

This is the original interview.

I don’t write these things lightly. In fact, Morrissey is very much like the disturbed yet upfront psychotherapist who reassures you he is there even in the biggest times of turmoil. And there are songs for every occasion. Listen to how Mancunians are feeling from a concert clip at the Hollywood Bowl and anti-war songs about ignorance from Dusseldorf.

Coincidentally, or perhaps just as a matter of logical progression, my politics and mores have been akin to Morrissey’s. I would get a political or societal thought, and Morrissey would echo it in his latest song, album, or medium scrum.

Like so many others these days, people interpret Morrissey’s words, in song or on media, at face value. The politically correct world we live in knitpicks every word he utters because, as we have always known, he is anti-establishment. A man shall not be muted if he truly believes something and echoes it. This is not hate speech. These are thoughts from a person’s mind misconstrued my media hounds ready to ruin his record sales and his whole reputation. Fake news is winning because people’s attention spans are too short and they don’t bother finding alternative voices and thinking for themselves.

I wish you lonely

Morrissey stands for truth. He is not racist, misogynistic, nor nationalistic. He supports certain causes that are benign as to the harm they can do. And you need not agree with everything he says. What bewildered me is that most of his views are shared by the public. Brexit was voted on. These were not nazis who voted for change.

Morrissey has made it clear that he is not right wing nor any other kind of wing simply because left wing and right wing no longer exist. And this is undeniable. Neoliberalism and its politically correct hypocrisy have convoluted our minds and are successful in brainwashing the masses.

The Smiths were voted as the most influential British band of all time. They were ahead of the Beatles, who were at number two. And Morrissey was, at least lyricwise, the backbone of the band. So here we are, demonizing someone who has said not done anything wrong.

Shame on us.

Malaga in Summer

Malaga in Summer

(C) Ted Kouretas 2018

El Toro was next to me

As the crowd got loud


No applause

El Toro stopped smiling

Fists opened

Shoulders terse

It was a sanctimonious afternoon at least


“Muerte. Muerte” was heard in the background

Young Catalans feeling a victory over their oppressors

Their savage dictators

The people attacked the lads

“I’ll show you who’s dead, fuckers”


Eating my spare ribs, I chuckled

I never thought I’d be able to say, in Malaga

“There was death in the afternoon”

Hemingway’s Death in the Afternoon

Morrissey: Low in High School 

Morrissey has come out with a landmark album. Just 13 years after his previous landmark,  self-defining “You Are the Quarry”, Morrissey fittingly,  and thankfully for his mob of new and old fans, comes out with an album that redefines the malaise in this world while also pointing out love and survivalmin a new way. 

Morrissey proves through his lyrics that he holds no -ism, just an unfunneled and unfiltered pointbof view which has caught up with the times. He’s against war (listen to the hauntingly first person death spell of “I Bury the Living”), police brutality (“Who Will Protect Us from the Police”), and the media (My Love,  I’d Do Anything for You” and “Spent the Day in Bed”). Yet he is for Brexit, in the mockingly sardonic “Jacky’s Only Happy When She’s Up on the Stage”, where everyone just seems to need to exit to getntheir freedom back. Wht proves to be the point lyrically is the movement against the stereotypes brought about by neoliberalism. Morrissey doesn’t care what his critics think.  And this emboldens the album and makes it into a storybook against politically correct angst. 

Morrissey has evolved immensely musicallyas well. His band has tightened up their sound while broadening tehir musical horizons. One of the best songs on the album is the controversially titled “The Girl From Tel  Aviv Who Wouldn’t Kneel”. Morrissey takes on the role of jazz lounge singer and does it impeccably. You expect to see him taking over Bill Murray’s role in “Lost in Translation”, but without the trite hoopla. Every song stands by itself yet is an important piece in making the album mesh. The ever-popular “Spent the Day in Bed” and “I Wish You Lonely” are cute pop tunes and stand alone, yet they are there ro inrtroduce us to media corruption and loss of individualism. They re mild intros to more serious songs. Andmit seems that the more serious song is, the more heavy or dramatic the music gets. The band goes from heavy rock to ballad,to pop, to jazz, to something akin to country, etc… in a natural fashion. 

Easily the best album of the year, Morrissey proves that he stiill has it in his late-50s. This is Morrissey’s best music since “You Are the Quarry” and the 3rd-best album he’s made.

POSTSCRIPT: Not sure what Lili Simmons has to do with the album, but I include her here as part of the memory of those classic The Smiths album covers. The true fans of old get my drift.

Fake News Includes Misleading Hypotheses


Being a democratist by my definition, Morrissey doesn’t hold on to -isms and speaks of the truth. We don’t have to agree on everything, but please save us the media’s handling of facts. 

Morrissey blames the media and fake news for modt things. Whike we may not agree with his assessment,  he speaks from a goid place. From an honedt place. And though he blames the 14-year-old boy’s parents for Kevin Spacey’s acts, which made me cringe,  I still have to try to understand where he’s coming from.

As a democratist, I give Morrissey the forum. As a democratist, I also have the right to tell him he’s got to use a filter. As well, I freely say that some of the ideas he espouses make me cringe and want to start diatribes against him.

Judt my little rant.

I Wish You Lonely (and for a Long Time)

I met her behind the aging farmhouse. She sat right next to the no-longer-usable well. I had water bottles in the car. She looked craven as she took off her motorcycle helmet. Scooter in her case. She exhaled and got the courage to speak. 

“It’s gotta stop. Nick found out. He knows my password and saw some pics.”

“What???” Nick was a very tough and rigid authoritarian. Which was why she never left. Which is why I didn’t want to start. 

“Don’t be mad or afraid,” she said. 

“You know Nick,” I told Betty. “You know he’s borderline psychopath. Why didn’t you save and delete the pics from the computer? ”

“There’s this ‘cloud’ thing,” Betty said. She truly was a moron. Just another pretty face at best. She looked at me like a puppy ready to weep. I didn’t give a shit. “Then he wished me hell on earth for the rest of my life. Imagine.”

“Well, you’re getting fucked in the photos. I’d wanna kill me. Who cares about a misery wish?”

I went and sat next to her, lighting and sharing a joint. 

“Why are you so stupid?”

“I didn’t know,” she said. 

“And now how do I get out of this?”

“I don’t know, ” she said and started to cry. 

“I sent Sabine back to Switzerland for you. I’ll tell him that. ”

I had given up Sabine Schreider after working so long to get her. She was a decent woman. One you can trust and count on. But she was boring and I decided to go with Betty. Sabine forgave the first 2 times. She hated change. Her weakness was pathetic. And Betty had a lot of money coming in inheritance. So I told Sabine to either accept it or leave. “I wish you lonely, ” she said in her not-so-perfect grammatical English. She quickly went back to Basel. 

Betty had her weeping pathetic face on my shoulder. Not head. Just face. My shirt was getting wet. We had sex under a big fig tree. She was beautiful and insatiable. 

“Don’t grovel to Nick. ”

“I don’t grovel, Betty. Are you willing to leave him? Now?”


“Then I wish you lonely. And for a fucking long time. ”

I looked at the olive trees and breathed in the fresh air of nature. I’d go see Nick right away, I thought. I’d tell him how Betty had coerced me into this. Then I’d have to grant him his with of a job. I’d tell them to hire and then fire him quickly. 

Poor Nick, I thought.

Morrissey’s Sardonic New Song ‘Spent the Day in Bed’ 


Morrissey’s new album will be released November 17th. He just released his new single, “Spent the Day in Bed”. 
This is vintage sardonic Morrissey, acting as soothsayer and life coach. He finds the secret to self-love, and it involves playing hookie from work, “no bus, no boss, no rain, no train…no emasculation. Click on the link above for a small article and the lyric video. 

After a disappointing last album 3 years ago, the Moz comes back with a superlative jazzy meaningful poppish tune that encourages you to turn off listening to any media. Can’t wait for the album. 

Morrissey and the Plight of the Eternal Dreamer

I remember a rather boring course on human behaviour in one of the university auditoriums. The professor was a psychiatrist unqualified to teach. But I never missed a course. I tried to show up early and always sat at the exact same spot near the back. On the first week of class I scribbled “the devil will find work for idle hands to do”. The second week greeted me with “I stole and then I lied just because you asked me to.” And on it went. 

For us gentle folks, the above is true. We must be very strong. Then we often snap. We whine, at least on the inside. We suffer perhaps from hyperinnocence. We expect conformity and kindness. We are democratic and idealistic. We have a tough time when having to choose money over compassion. Most of all,  we have trouble understanding that unrequited love is part of life. As are all other unrequited things. You can’t force someone to feel otherwise. We empathize with heartbreak yet seem aloof or even afraid of tenderness. It’s as if our low self-esteem of the past is still haunting us. 

I was introduced to the music of The Smiths in high school by one of the cool kids who was sensitive on the side. He made me promise not to tell others. So there I was. My first song was What Difference Does It Make. This is why I scribbled it years later on a clean university desk.  

Morrissey in his youth, including his whole tenure with The Smiths,  looked like the begrudged gay matinee idol. Better yet, he looked as if he idolized matinee idols.  To me,  he wrote lyrics that spoke to my soul. The fog cleared when I would hear I Know It’s Gonna Happen SomedayPashernate Love, or the classic  How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel. At least it’s a classic for me. 

As an avid carnivore, I hate that Morrissey doesn’t come to Canada because “we” cull seals. I don’t fucking cull them. And the U.S. does things much worse. But for a person who thinks terrorists killing people is like people killing animals, he is someone who at least needs to be respected for standing up for something even in the wrongest moment possible. It’s sort of like we do for other reasons. Right? Ok, maybe not. 

I was excited when You Are The Quarry came out. It was Morrissey coming-of-age comeback. He ceased being a matinee idol. He was a rocking badass. Yet the teen girls who loved him were now older and still understood. I don’t know if there’s anyone who has people attacking the stage as much as Morrissey has. He almost asks for it. Guys, girls, anyone. Trying to touch him and/or give him roses. He sometimes sneers “Good try ” when someone rips half his shirt off as he half-loses the mic before the burly guards come to separate them. But it’s all about fun and love. On both sides. 

None of my girlfriends have really understood Morrissey’s significance in my life. I tell one reason is defiant t-shirts like the Je Suis Morrissey one above that should put it in a general nutshell. He does what we would love to do but are too afraid to. I don’t even care if I agree with him. 

But in essence, it’s the lyrics and music that represent the struggle for freedom of identity and the everyday mundane nastiness preventing this from happening. We feel down or tired and we listen to songs like How Soon Is Now and Ganglord to associate with and then something like I Like You with the famous line “You’re not right in the head and nor am I “. 

Which brings us back to rock music itself. Let’s not forget Morrissey was influenced by punk, among other things. 

I forgave my bully. Told it to his face as 2 others were holding him for me to punch. As they let him go and I heard his body hit the ground, I remembered how hard it was to be gentle and kind. So I helped the bully to his feet. 

Those long afternoons salvaged by a Morrissey/Smiths song meant more at the time than any single thing on earth. Just like getting that phone call back, they had a lot of worth. 

This is the best Smiths/Morrissey album. It’s a compilation that introduced their biggest hit, How Soon Is Now.

And though he seems like half the man he used to be, I still need to thank Morrissey for his past body of work. Forever a legend. 

Top 20 Albums of All Time — 10-1 

The top 10 albums of all time defy genre. As far as I’m concerned,  the more pop an album is, the less likely it is to get on the list because it tends to have fillers to finish off the album. Rock/jazz/bkues/folk, albums of a certain genre tend to be more compact. All this to say that I find the albums in the top 10 as perfect. Not a bad song anywhere. Classics that have defined a genre, a point in time, a generation. 

10. The Beatles—Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

The Beatles were a pop group until this album was released. With creativity and notoriety comes a sense of social consciousness, even guilt, that makes one aware of deeper things. The Beatles decided to abandon convention here. Let’s not paint them as saints. The Beatles were losing their “pop creativity “and Paul McCartney was even rumored to have died. John Lennon had substance abuse problems. George Harrison was growing in a very creative path that didn’t fit the band’s brand image. 

This was going to be one of three things : a calamity, a newfound success, or a step back into pop on the next album. The success of this album, for me, proves that you need to be high to be at your creative best;  be it a natural high or whatever. The group blended great lyrics with some fantastic music. It was a perfect arrangement. Every song has a message yet comes back to the essence of the album as a whole. It doesn’t define the group as great musicians, but they are great artists. 

Favourite Songs: A Day In The Life;  With A Little Help From My Friends 
9. Bob Marley and the Wailers— Exodus 

It’s difficult to pick a Bob Marley album because I find them all perfect. There is nothing as inviting to absorb as the man who consolidated ska, jazz, and reggae,  and made it a universal force. This is a lot from a man who died at 38 years old. 

Marley is a musical and lyrical genius. He was a true believer in the Rustaffarian religion’s goal in spreading peace and love. Every chord is so perfectly laced with Marley’s haunting and hopeful vocals. He has influenced dap, hip hop, modern ska,acid jazz, and more. He is to reggae as the Beatles are to rock. 

Favourite Songs: Jamming; One Love 
8. Nirvana—Nevermind 

This was the start of the acceptance of garage-sounding grunge in the mainstream. Just like Depeche Mode are the masters of Electro Rock, Nirvana are the kings of grunge. It’s hard to get that annoying loud riff in a song to sound sensational. It takes very good arrangement. This is the second to last Nirvana album and every song goes perfectly into the next. The grunge takes a back seat to the sound recording and the album’s message. Some think these are the rants of a suicidal lunatic. It goes much deeper than that. It is the definition of a generation. It speaks to and for the angst of the generation. There are no heroes, just messengers.

Like most literal masterpieces, there is no solution. There is just the present. I listen to this and think of it as a documentary of social commentary, not from the ones witnessing it but from the ones suffering inside it. Yes, there is this anarchist-like fear resonating through most of the songs, yet it empowers us to see this from another point of view and find a way out. 

Excellent album because of its social commentary and the popularization of a new musical genre. 

Favourite Songs:—Come As You Are; Lithium 
7. Morrissey—You AreThe Quarry 

This was Morrissey’s first album in years after being shunned by the media and losing some of his creative essence. This album is flawless,a great comeback for the former Smiths frontman that had been apparently washed up.  I bought this album,excited by Morrissey carrying a mafia rifle. 

The album has mostly heavy-worded alt-rock tunes. It veers a bit from what would be quintessential Morrissey. In fact, Morrissey goes a rung up in the lyrics ladder by not holding any punches and leaving no room for interpretation. The lyrics “I’ve had my face dragged in 15 miles of shit /and I do not like it ” resonate the rebelliousness of the protagonist. He has never been harsher towards the oppressors. Marx would be proud. 

Favourite Songs: How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel ; I Have Forgiven Jesus 
6. Led Zeppelin—Led Zeppelin IV

The kings of blues-metal outdo themselves on this album. 9 perfect compact tracks that show how Robert Plant can sing and how the other 3 guys were arguably the best at playing their instruments. This is edgy yet familiar. Jimmy Page decided to go back to basics after the poor showing of their previous album. This is a recording that should have its own room in the museum of rock. This is the best hard rock album of its generation. Period. No exceptions. 

Favourite Songs: Black Dog;  Rock and Roll 

5. Johnny Cash— American IV-The Man Comes Around 

Johnny Cash defies genre. His unique vocals make every tune here his. He eliminates genre and makes a bunch of albums with many remakes of otgers’ songs. This is “The World According To Cash”, a very imperfect man that makes every song he sings heartwrenching. Here, he can see impending death and we can hear the catharsis in his voice. A bit shakier than usual.  A bit more solemn, more heartfelt. 

Favourite Songs: Hurt; Personal Jesus 
4. The Tragically Hip— Fully, Completely 

Canadiana is The Tragically Hip.  No matter how much they tried, they had only minimal success abroad. The Hip progressed a lot during the decades, from college radio favourites to progressive rockers. Fully,Completely is the crossroads that consolidates everything and makes them into a great band. One of their last tours was only for this album. Played in its entirety. This is perfection from the first to the last note. From serial killers to hockey, they touch on everything. It’s an album that gets better every time you hear it. It’s traditional old time rock n roll and blues with a clean background. Nothing fancy, just life happening outside your window. 

Favourite Songs: Locked In The Trunk Of A Car; Fifty-Mission Cap 

3. The Smiths—The Smiths 

 The Smiths, as their name suggests,  brought things and people out of the closet. Mostly, they gave the disenfranchised a voice, be it teen angst, depression, bullying, loneliness, etc. Morrissey’s voice is haunting and Johnny Marr’s guitar clean and crisp. As Marr has said “we like 3-minute songs with straight-to-the-point lyrics. 

I chose the Smiths’ debut album because it is alternative rock of a sort that hasn’t been heard before. You can’t pin it down as much as you can’t put it down. You want to discredit them, but that feeling wanes with every passing song and every time you listen to the whole album again. More than later albums, this album has a steady course of an undefined genre. The music and lyrics bring about heartache, tears, and hope. Those less sensitive will be happily surprised with its uniqueness and the musical talent of the entire recording. I guess it’s pop rock mixed with folk and traditional rock and roll. A superlative and extremely underrated album and group. Pure genius. 

Favourite Songs: Miserable Lie; Pretty Girls Make Graves 

2. R.E.M.— New Adventures In Hi-Fi 

The greatest album of the greatest band in the world. This is like a trip on a train where we witness the world passing us in bluesy tones and powerful highs.  The mundane existence of everyday comes to life. We enter into the heart of Michael Stipe. It is the defining album of a group that has almost no limits in musical genre and lyrics. This is a theme album, something people usually would have to suffer through for the sake of the band. But we strap on our seat belts and go from a barren wasteland to the heart of Hollywood and back. 

After absorbing the message and internalizing the mood of the music,  we are never the same again. A masterpiece to say the least. 

Favourite Songs: E-Bow The Letter; Leave

1. George Michael— Listen Without Prejudice Volume 1

It should not be very surprising that this is my favourite album of all time. It fits so many criteria. It’s career-changing. It’s bluesy. It’s got great music and vocals. 

George Michael is an excellent musician with a wonderful voice. He leaves his pop roots here and just blurts his heart out. He tackles war, depression, greed, heartbreak, missed opportunity, etc. Although the passing listener will probably see this as a bunch of ballads, there are only about 2 ballads on the album. There is a quiet funky jazz groove behind the acoustic guitar.There is even a great mix of James Brown and The Rolling Stones in one song which ends in Michael calmly repeating  “You can’t always get what you want7” behind that funky jazz. 

A very fulfilling album of joy and pain. 

Favourite Songs: Cowboys And Angels; Pray For Time