Eat ,  Sleep ,  Conquer ,  Repeat —Brock Lesnar’s Hard Road Back to Suplex City and Gut Health

Even if not a fan ,  you need to give WWE kudos for slogans and catch phrases . Eat ,  Sleep , Conquer ,  Repeat are words to live by no matter what the situation .  And eating and sleeping are just as important as conquering .  Brock Lesnar is a phenomenal athlete who climbed up the ranks from success in amateur wrestling to the champion to UFC  champion .  He was a man to be feared with on screen and just someone to look at as an example off screen . All he had was will and determination to go with the talent . 

Many great athletes persevere through horrendous injuries .  Brock’s didn’t get injured . He got sick . And he was really sick .  This article gives a good account of what happened to Brock. He almost lost his life in the process of battling diverticulitis .  What most people don’t understand is the part our brains play in most diseases of the bowel and intestines .  In fact ,  stress may be the main culprit in contracting these diseases . Brock Lesnar moved to Saskatchewan after his disease was treated .  He said he was born on a farm and wanted his family to move to Canada and live on the farm again .  This must have been the epiphany for good health everlasting he must have had come to him after having part of his intestine removed .  And so most people would lick their wounds and set off into the sunset . And no one would blame them in any way . It would have been the logical thing to do .  But the gifted , whether intellectually, athletically , or otherwise ,  can’t just sit there satisfied without conquering . And if nothing more ,  Brock had to prove to himself that he was the winner . 

Branding is just as important as talent in most careers. In this case ,  the Eat , Sleep , Conquer , Repeat was just so perfect .  Brock Lesnar came back to the WWE and was better than ever .  He was the mayor of Suplex City ,  a variation of the classic wrestling move. He also returned to the torturous enclaves of the UFC .  Indeed , Brock Lesnar has conquered intestinal disease .  

I mention Brock Lesnar because it is important to understand how far will can take you . He is the embodiment of empowerment . We need to take gut health seriously. The biggest problem is that the gut is difficult to diagnose . It is also necessary to have proper technology to detect these problems . Brock was absolutely right condemning the Manitoba hospital in the above article for not having a functioNing CT scan machine and calling Canada’s health care system comparable to that of a third world country .  He took it back later ,  but the lack of proper equipment could have killed him .  And there’s no excuse for that .  

Canada is a rich country with dated medical equipment and subpar health care .  Free health care means nothing if I need to wait 1 year to get an MRI and a few days if I fork out the  $700. This is a travesty and a miscarriage of human rights . Surely , a human life should have no price tag .  If Brock Lesnar ,  a millionaire athlete with almost everything at his disposal almost falls through the cracks and loses part of his intestine in the process ,  what can we say of Joe P. Average who is uninsured and trying to work within a failing system that disguises itself as a great social advantage brought about by Tommy Douglas ?  Tommy must be rolling in his grave . 

I just went to a restaurant and the owner asked how I’d been .  I told him I’d started conquering my gut health .  He said he’d sell the place and move to a fishing village if he could do the same . 

Read this. It could save your gut .  I also suggest seeing a dietitian and also going on an exercise regimen and getting plenty of sleep .