Rally for Macedonia

Skopje or Fyrom (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) have almost succeeded in having their country’s official name changed to Macedonia.

This area has been a part of Yugoslavia during the Tito area and never officially a country with the official name of Macedonia. Since the downfall of Yugoslavia, the independent country has come closer to getting the name Macedonia as their official name. In the current Olympic games, they weren’t allowed to be called Macedonia. On the other hand, most countries are breaking official protocol and calling the country Macedonia anyway. Obviously, this is backed by the global political elite who wish to see this happen in order to further throw Greece in a weaker state.

Here’s a brief history:

The forced birth of a nation

On Sunday, March 11th, we all need to get together in front of the Greek consulate in Montreal and make our voices heard.

Macedonia was, is, and will always be Greek.