Legacy-Building Resolution 

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I’ve made my biggest New Year’s resolution to date. I want to build a legacy. Looking at definitiins for “legacy” from a simple Google search has brought about a general definition of “inheritance” almost exclusively based on money.

Legacy,  according to democratist ideals, is something we leave behind of value and purpose. It is usually there to be studied and understood after we have left this life. It is something of substance, tangible or not, that will help uncover or better understand something. It, therefore,  is an inheritance made up of something other than money.

Honesty and success come hand in hand. In contemporary society, this means stepping on people as little as possible in order to sell a relative down the river. In democratism, it means achieving success through honesty, truth, and respect. This is actually easier to do than the old capitalist model called “the American Dream”. The “Universal Dream” needs to be based on respect for all. This cannot be overstated. Respect builds trust. And vice versa. Honesty eventually brings about truth. And truth is the hallmark to, yes, respect. And on it goes.

If we change one person for the better, is it not more beneficial than leaving them a monetary inheritance? As well, is it not better to empower masses of people than to give money to a few? 

I  seek a social awakening. I seek a communal understanding that spans and evolves into universal understanding.  

The woman in the top of the 2 photos has made it financially. She will leave a lehacy of money to her family. Then, all will die like she did. They will eternally die. No particles of any semblance of knowledge shall remain. Nothing worthy. Nothing distiguishable.

The other woman, seemingly an occult figure, seemimgly from another time,  will forevsr bathe in the splendor of others’ pursuits in the past and the future. She will be a symbol of evolution. There will be everlasting life, everlasting strife, everlasting achievements. There is importance in her existence and lineage. Thus,  a worthy legacy.

So how will I ever compare to the eternal trendsetters? 

I have made lots of headway in 2017, a year that had doom written all over it. I have made inroads. The small amoebas that were moribund in me have awakened, grown, and found life again—life that had been dormant for over a decade. Life that had tried to get out of its comfortable existence. Comfort…overrated. The opposite is not discomfort,  but rather a search for higher ground. 

So friends,  Canadians, and people from all over the Universe, please lend me your eyes and read this. I will forever try my best to move forward on the road to liberation, knowledge, empowerment, and freedom. I shall build my legacy through my everyday actions. I haave no business plan. I have a spiritual and ethical plan.  

I will be a good person. I will follow my life path to greatness. I will build a legacy.

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