Movember—Because Men Are Dying Too Young

Movember is here. And it’s about time. It’s time to take the stigma out of admitting you hurt. Time to share your pain. Time to let it all out. Time to save your life. It’s time to help others keep living , strive to get cured, and build their legacy. 

For what seems forever, men hadn’t had the opportunity to reach out or cry out. Movember makes it possible for men to speak openly about feelings kept hidden because of the stigma that scared them so much.

Jumping off a bridge instead of seeking help for your depression has often been the natural outcome. Why do so many more men than women jump to their deaths? In a patriarchal society, men are not allowed to show weakness. I get an image of a CEO closing the doir to his office and just crying into his palms. Why is he stuck there? How can he escape? Will that feeling ever go away?

Depression is serious and complex, as can be seen in this article from The Guardian.

Then there’s the younger generation,  who have to come to grips to what once was a woman’s problem—body image. Most od of us look like this guy on top than this guy below.

Yet we want to be that guy. We want to be The Rock.  

I know Movember is about awareness to men’s diseases. For me, it is an extension of Mental Health Awareness. It simply puts the focus on men. And I thank God for that. So many lives  have been saved even though there can be no concrete stats. 

Yes, men’s cancer awareness is very important in pointing out there are cancers out there that are very lethal that need as much funding as breast cancer.

The biggest problem for men during these fast-paced changing times is the ability to change quickly enough. Simply put, there is a universal movement towards a more egalitarian existence between both genders. Assimilation and adjustment can be hard for many men. There are more rules. There is cultural interference. 

Here’s an example of the confusion. This needs to be addressed. 

So stop living in the 70 s. Participate. Listen. But most importantly,  spread the word.


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