Thanksgiving — Gratitude and Shame

A First Nations take on Thanksgiving: ‘You’re Welcome Weekend’

Canadian Thanksgiving is based on its American counterpart. Americans faithful to England brought the holiday here and celebrate for the same reason , “being thankful for the harvest “. The above article gives a balanced view on how many deal with it today. We cannot blame today’s generation for what went wrong hundreds of years ago. But we can’t ignore the inaction since then. And for that, all contributing to the lack of recognition of what happened are very much to blame. Not only was it the biggest genocide committed on American and Canadian soil, but it gets overlooked. 

Native Americans have recognized Thanksgiving as a National Day of Mourning

As you bite into your unhealthy turkey dinner, think about the genocide and be thankful no one is trying to prevent you from existing. 

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving — Gratitude and Shame

  1. So very true. There is nothing to be thankful about concerning this so called “holiday.” The ignorance regarding the true roots of thanksgiving is staggering! Great post.

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