I Wish You Lonely (and for a Long Time)

I met her behind the aging farmhouse. She sat right next to the no-longer-usable well. I had water bottles in the car. She looked craven as she took off her motorcycle helmet. Scooter in her case. She exhaled and got the courage to speak. 

“It’s gotta stop. Nick found out. He knows my password and saw some pics.”

“What???” Nick was a very tough and rigid authoritarian. Which was why she never left. Which is why I didn’t want to start. 

“Don’t be mad or afraid,” she said. 

“You know Nick,” I told Betty. “You know he’s borderline psychopath. Why didn’t you save and delete the pics from the computer? ”

“There’s this ‘cloud’ thing,” Betty said. She truly was a moron. Just another pretty face at best. She looked at me like a puppy ready to weep. I didn’t give a shit. “Then he wished me hell on earth for the rest of my life. Imagine.”

“Well, you’re getting fucked in the photos. I’d wanna kill me. Who cares about a misery wish?”

I went and sat next to her, lighting and sharing a joint. 

“Why are you so stupid?”

“I didn’t know,” she said. 

“And now how do I get out of this?”

“I don’t know, ” she said and started to cry. 

“I sent Sabine back to Switzerland for you. I’ll tell him that. ”

I had given up Sabine Schreider after working so long to get her. She was a decent woman. One you can trust and count on. But she was boring and I decided to go with Betty. Sabine forgave the first 2 times. She hated change. Her weakness was pathetic. And Betty had a lot of money coming in inheritance. So I told Sabine to either accept it or leave. “I wish you lonely, ” she said in her not-so-perfect grammatical English. She quickly went back to Basel. 

Betty had her weeping pathetic face on my shoulder. Not head. Just face. My shirt was getting wet. We had sex under a big fig tree. She was beautiful and insatiable. 

“Don’t grovel to Nick. ”

“I don’t grovel, Betty. Are you willing to leave him? Now?”


“Then I wish you lonely. And for a fucking long time. ”

I looked at the olive trees and breathed in the fresh air of nature. I’d go see Nick right away, I thought. I’d tell him how Betty had coerced me into this. Then I’d have to grant him his with of a job. I’d tell them to hire and then fire him quickly. 

Poor Nick, I thought.

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