Living Well is the Best Revenge 

Sometimes people just lose touch. No matter how much access you May have on Facebook or elsewhere, it’s never the same as being able to see the person relatively easily. There are time differences,  other priorities, different lifestyles. 
This isn’t truer than a summer fling. A fling that you know, at the time, will never end. No matter how long the distance. 
This was the case between me and an apparently stuck-up princess. For 2nd weeks, I abandoned my clique at night to be with her. We always wound up athens the darkest part of the beach. In the car. It had become commonplace to get home just before the sun came up. We’d sleep in the car after fooling around. We loved to speculate about sweet nothings. We were dreamers. And we knew it. 

I think we both learned a lot from each other, especially that people known nothing when they gossip. It was one of her last vacations to the village. She was branded a slut because she had chosen to have an exclusive adventure with someone every summer. 
Today, she’s better off than those gossipers. She’s happy and has almost no contact with them. They still mock her choices at the smallest opportunity, but they are the ones I feel sorry for. 
You know who you are. Let’s just call you Amanda, lest you be shunned. Amanda, I look in on you everyone once in a while. I want to thank you for being one of the few that has never judged me.  Thank you for being with me and no one else that summer. And thank you for enlightening me by ridding my mind of so many layers of bias. 
Just keep living well. 

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