Take a Knee? Why?

There seems to be a misconception about why we should take a knee. Let me see if I have it right. Colin Kaepernick originally took a knee a year ago,  making it clear it was to react against police brutality and racism against African Americans.  And, quicker than a Buffalo Bills loss,  he was blackballed by the NFL. No team has hired him since. 

Let’s go forward to the present. NFL players are taking knees during the anthem, just like Kaepernick last year. President Trump condemns this. So they do it even more. Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones decides to kneel before the anthem to set a precedent to not do it during the anthem. 

But why are they kneeling? Apparently,  for the same reason. Why are they not being blackballed? There’s probably too many of them and the league would be in trouble. Ok. Really. Why are they really kneeling? Maybe to protest against the president. Maybe to show they hate Trump. 

The NFL is handcuffed. 

Then we have nuts like these. They must have spoken to Meryl Streep. Why is X-Files taking a knee? I doubt they have any idea why. This is like the Clinton campaign. Just be politically correct, don’t have any boxes to think out of, and just become a catch phrase. Do they not realise that this stupid stance makes Donald Trump, the most powerful man in the free world, triumphant once again? 

Can we agree that many people, like these two, just want to be nice neo-liberals and not be bothered to think? 

Meet the Pittsburgh Penguins. Stanley Cup champions. They announced they’ll visit the White House. And of course, they’re being raked over the coals by the mainstream media. The popular reason given was that every player on the team and the management is white. What exactly does this mean? Does it make every white guy a racist? Maybe they live in glass houses where only whites exist. Those nasty insensitive hockey players. Do they even know about taking a knee? 

This is CNN host Erin Burnett. She kept saying “sons of bitches” to prove some point when quoting Trump. It was so sad to see this woman’s personal views hindering her newscast. She interrupts those who disagree with her. She says she doesn’t like Trump. She gets emotional. Mad. 

Then there’s the man himself. Anderson Cooper. He is classier than Burnett. He doesn’t swear. He’s respectable. He is a master of illusion. He starts off his show saying how there are more important issues in the world and concerning America, but thanks to Donald Trump he will have to lead with the NFL problem. The manipulation is overt. It is on display. He wants us to know who’s to blame. He will have his cake and eat it too. Cooper never gives a clear explanation as to what is going on with the knee. 

Here’s why the players are kneeling. They hate President Trump. The mainstream media convince the masses that Trump is picking on football because most of the players are black. This makes him a racist. No proof. Racist by hearsay. By rumour. By hatred. 

There is no doubt that this is a fight against Trump. The proof is in the blackballing of taking a knee last year and the sheer hypocrisy of opposite results now. Why is this dismissed? Why can’t someone outside of FOX news admit that this is happening and why? 

Because Hillary Clinton is on a book tour, insulting anyone from Bernie Sanders to ignorant women who voted for Trump. Is this far-fetched? Maybe, but Clinton is responsible for the brainwashing of the nation. She is responsible for the populism she criticizes. She and the Clinton family  (including Obama) have more power than any other gang or political movement combined. They lie. They cheat. They steal. They create politically correct catchphrases. They manipulate the media. They control Hollywood by having the establishment buy into their game. This is neo-liberalism. This is more conservative by definition than the Republican party.  

Finally, beware the boob box and the internet. Be leery of so-called facts. Understand why things happen by watching and reading a variety of outlets with alternate points of view. 

So, take a knee? No. Why? Because it’s manipulation. Like the Green Bay Packers’ fans yesterday, I go to Lambau field because it’s the best football atmosphere ever. And thank goodness they didn’t listen to their white quarterback to put their arms around their neighbors’ arms. Very few people did. 

It seems that taking the knee is a thing of the past already. 

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