Sub-par Brunch at L’Oeufrier Chabanel 

The L’Oeufrier franchise has been growing in the Montreal area and is one of the biggest breakfast/brunch chains. It’s closest franchise to me is on Chabanel Street. Though manufacturing is still the main employer in the area, outsourcing has caused it to transform some of its buildings from factories like this 

to lofts.

This is the same building 5 years ago and now. It is an attractive neighbourhood and a very busy and happening one during business hours. The reason I decided against buying a loft here was the absolute lack of traffic at night and most of the weekend. 

This is the newly-renovated street to go along with the lofts, chic boutiques (if you know where to find them), classic Italian cafes and a bar or two, and just a general modernisation of the place.  There is a train station near here and a car will get you to civilisation in less than 5 minutes.

This is the inside of L’Oeufrier, thankfully smaller and more quaint than its namesakes. Leaving home, I had a feeling there would be no lineup. Even at 11 AM, it was half-empty. 

There was no air conditioning on a hot muggy day. It was at the border of warm and sweaty, something reserved for a cafe near the beach when I’m on vacation. 

They have a unique, attractive, and excruciatingly long menu with great catch phrases and options. My favourite meal name was Justin riding a caleche in Ottawa. Cute. We’ll let that one slide. The coffee had an even yet unamusing and incomplete taste. It tasted like coffee-flavoured tea. I put extra sugar and took it down like a man. 

The eggs Benedict looked delightful. I had never seen such nice presentation and lack of overwatering, if you know what I mean. They looked dry and firm. Unfortunately, they were overcooked. Had they poached them or just boiled them for 8 minutes? Unremarkable. 

Then there was the bagel with salmon and cream cheese with lettuce.  The lettuce was stodgy. I took it out of the sandwich and proceeded. The bagel was amazing only because it was that wonderful St Viateur bagel. The burnt sesame excited me so. The cream cheese was of an inferior variety. The smoked salmon was disappointingly dry. The sandwich was passable by the skin of its teeth,

Overall,  an utter disappontment. 

Food: 6/10

Coffee: 4/10

Atmosphere: 5/10

Service: 7/10

Stay away!!!!

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