Greece Summer Memories — From the Simple to the Rotund 

With September here and summer coming to an end, it’s time to share some memorable moments from the past couple of months. I apologize beforehand for possible repeated images.

The sunset above will be missed. Nothing like a sunset overlooking the rocky reefs on the eastern side of Methoni. This pinkish colour means a warm day for tomorrow. It’d be a hotter prediction if it were more orange.

There’s nothing as romantic as a sunset in Methoni. The tourists have it on their bucket list and the locals as part of their summer routine.

This is the road in the daytime. Picturesque and unadvertised. Perhaps it’s better to keep it that way.

The churchbell rings every half hour in Methoni from 6 A.M. to midnight. When someone associated with the village dies, the bells toll. They have variations depending on the circumstance. Most of all, it unites the locals. Although church attendance is slowly declining, everyone wants to keep their church looking great.

There’s nothing like fresh fish. And in places like Methoni, they’re served the same day they’re caught. I even ordered in advance.

The sweets are also very tasty. From delicious gelato/ice cream to traditional kataifi, it just tastes lighter and more authentic.

Then there’s the opulent nouveau-grec cuisine. Here I’m having grilled salmon with only salt, pepper, and a little lemon. Delicious. Again, because almost everything isn’t made before you order, it’s easy to have it your way.

This is main street in Methoni,. In the evening, it is totally closed to traffic. The tables move forward to also inhabit the street.

If you blink, you’ll miss this bohemian enclave in Psirri in Athens. It is very commonplace in Greece, especially in bigger towns and in cities, for a place to transform from a cafe and brunch spot in the day to a restaurant in the evening to a bar at night.

I’ll miss this type of antithesis. This is usually the norm in Greece— opulent rotund lush bordering with downtrodden marginalization. Sad. But hopeful as well.

This dichotomy above is near tourist central in Athens. I took the picture at Monastiraki and the picture is of Psirri. Yes, it gets confusing. But like Manhattan, it becomes second nature after a few visits.

I’ll miss that rare late-August thunderstorm. It clears the humidity and freshens everything.

I’ll miss colourful urinals.

I’ll miss views of the Acropolis.

I’ll miss shy newbie servers.

Most of all I’ll miss the beach…

…with all its splendor. Human or otherwise!!!

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