Ostria Cafe — By the Mediterranean 

Art imitates life and life copies,  or assumes, art. When watching television became too much, the owner took a hatchet to it.  No improvisation. No thought. Just reaction. And it’s so glamorous that the hatchet will be a permanent wall fixture. 

I’m guessing the above sign is referring to Greek director Theo Angelopoulos’ great film  “The Beekeeper”. You need to look for it and make the connection,  but you know there’s something there that needs to be alluded to when the hatchet meets the sign. A double epiphany perhaps. Hope and fear, as the TV represents the film and the fear, while the hatchet kills life, whether bad or good. Then there is the renaissance, the post-nirvana existence of what is hopefully peace of mind, catharsis, and epiphany. In the least, let’s hope for empowerment. 

This is also the best place in Methoni to get a morning coffee. They’re all made well. And the wind just blows enough to make sure the coolness is retained.  

Sit down and wait for friends and acquaintances to show up. Talk in Greek,  French, or English, to the owner, Corenne.  Give your order to the lovely Greek-Romanian girls. 

Before you know it, it’ll be time for a swim, the beach being about about 100m.  away.

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