When the Sky Turns Orange 

There are many nooks and crannies to see a sunset from in Methoni. In late-August, the sun goes down a bit before 8.30 and can be seen in the western part of town, which is about a 5-minute walk up the hill from the main beach. 

All sorts of people gather there. It’s a popular spot for locals to walk their dogs. It’s very well-known by visitors. For Elena and Spiro, it’s one of the few opportunities they have for quality time together.  With Elena’s busy summer work schedule, it’s hard to speak out from her husband after a busy day. And what more legitimate an excuse than seeing the sunset and going to Kathy’s to unwind. 

With the summer tourist bustle, there aren’t many places to spend time together unseen. But they go to the empty rundown shack that serves as their summer 60-minute pleasure dome. 

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