A Brief Stint at Zanzibar Beach 

Sundays are usually the busiest days at the beach. No umbrellas in front of the hotel. No room anywhere to sit down comfortably.  I had to get out of town and drive 3 km to Zanzibar Beach in Lambes. 

There were no umbrellas as I parked my car in the mostly makeshift parking lot.  I looked around and saw a one-chaired umbrella.  There was a in the sun tanning. I asked if anyone was sitting at the umbrella in front of her and she told me her family had gone to their rooms to take a nap. She said I can sit but she’d be bad company till she finished tanning. 

It turned out she was from Minnesota. Not too many tourists come in these parts from the United States that are not of Greek ancestry. Katia was pure Midwestern stock. Most of her family either form Wisconsin or Minnesota.  They had that healthy Packers vs. Vikings rivalry. You know,  that and apple pie. 

Katia allowed me to take the pics of her I’ve published here. She didn’t allow face shots. 

The beach was too crowded with people making noise and I left after 30 minutes. Katia loved it and didn’t understand why I was leaving. She went back to tanning.

Zanzibar is a great place to go to in the morning and,  during high season, a nice place to have a drink at night. 

It also serves very good food and drinks. 

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