Sapienza Restaurant Methoni — Revisited 

This is my previous review of Sapienza Restaurant.
Now let’s get better acquainted with the food. 

Stifado is a veal and onion stew with a sweet cinnamony taste. Some refer to it as Greek ghoulash. This is intentionally heavy an filling. 

As you walk into the kitchen, this is what’s on top of the oven. Stuffed courgette flowers, orzo and beef, chicken biftecks, and stifado. 

This is the food in the oven. Thanassi can explain it in detail to you. 

This is the epitome of homemade Greek comfort food.  

Thanassi decided to expand the menu.

This is the bean salad. 

These are the courgette cakes. They are absolutely delicious and surprisingly light. Great as an appetizer or side dish. 

These are the traditional papoutsaki (stuffed or topped aubergine), stuffed peppers and tomatoes, and briam (a mix of assorted vegetables including courgette and potatoes, cooked in a very heavy tomato-oil sauce). These are as good as you can get. 

It’s rare to see improvement in what’s already an excellent reastaurant just meters away from the beach. The additions to the menu and the relaxing family atmosphere makes Sapienza Restaurant a must in your Methoni itinerary. 

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One thought on “Sapienza Restaurant Methoni — Revisited 

  1. At “SAPIENZA” you will taste excellent greek food , but it’s a special place because the second time you get there , you will feel like one of the family !


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