Siesta with the Waves

I still have jetlag into my second full day on vacation. Instead of taking an elongated nap of 3 hours,  I thought I’d fare better mentally and physically by just renting an umbrella and a beach chair. It’s also fair to say that siestas are commonplace I’m the afternoon. If not a siesta, then a quiet event like drinking coffee or alcohol or playing backgammon. And always in a shaded, preferably windy, area. 
Okay. So back to today. It’s the third biggest holiday in the Greek Orthodox calendar.  Loosely translated,  it’s Virgin Mary day.  So the beach was taken almost strictly by tourists. The coffee shops were jampacked with locals treating each other to drinks. Some hung around till it was their turn and you can imagine how satiated things can become. I haven’t drunk alcohol in years, so I was into my third coffee when enough was enough. Yes, I’m boring company perhaps. 

The first few days are also days when you don’t drift too far and just start to unwind. 

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