Great Seafood at Akrogiali in Methoni

Acrogiali fish tavern is sort of located on the water. With the receeding shore line, there are light waves hitting one side of the restaurant. From table 19, we only had a gate and a few feet of height separating us from the water. The restaurant was still not full at 9.30. 

There was no lobster on the menu, but there was crab. The suggested mix was spaghetti. Not being one to want to break into crusteceans to get a paltry piece of meat out of it, I opted for the grilled porgy.

I ordered a side of oven-baked potatoes. I’m sure they’d have been delicious if not over-lemoned. But maybe that was just my fear of getting acid stomach. The bland long thin beans were very good, but overcooked. 

We started off with the grilled octopus. Perfect. Delicious. Just salt and pepper to season. Adding lemon is a must. This was unadulterated octopus. Fat and all. Perhaps the best I’ve ever had. The big portion was reasonably priced, as was everything else on the menu. 

The porgy was one of the best I’ve had. The best thing here is the freshness of the day. For best results, order the type of fish you want the day before. The wait staff is exemplary and the atmosphere is exquisite.

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