Mykonos, Bikinis, and the Chaotic Vacation

Seeing I’m 6 days away from my Greek vacation, I’d like to state I won’t be doing the Greek islands this time around. I don’t have time for a vacation after my vacation. Perhaps I’m aging badly. Perhaps my body is telling my brain it needs a break. Or probably vice versa. 

Look at the crowd above. Granted, there are much more serene places. But travel to the islands takes a toll on you.

No matter what beach you’re at, you need to look your best. Unless you’re nude sunbathing, here are a couple of popular bikini types this year. 

This is all the rage on the islands this year, especially for younger women. If your curves allow it, this is a must. Simple, classy, and comfortable. 

For women who are a bit more traditional and slightly older, a high bottom is in order and in style.  Show your good stuff while not overexposing yourself. 

Do you like to be active at the beach? Play volleyball and go for a dip in a nice sports bikini. Don’t lose out on comfort, quality, and style while doing more than sunbathing. 

This outfit is a bit more daring. It’s sure to turn heads. 

Finally, be more conservative and still look great in this sports suit that passes for a swimsuit. 

Meanwhile, I’ll just lay back and take in some waves. 


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