Petinos Bois Franc —Brunch Review 

I thought it was time to finally visit the latest location of Petinos. I had been to 2 others and one was plain and the other subpar. With the wave of new trendier brunch locales popping up,  I thought this one had to be different just to have a chance of succeeding. 

The rain was intermittent and there was a gothic feel when I entered the parking lot of the modern suburban strip mall located in Bois Franc,  an upper middle class neighbourhood. All the stores were brand new. There were a café and a supermarket open at this time. Petinos was at the eastern end of the strip. It looked like all the other locations I’d seen or been to from the outside. 

Above is how my double espresso long looked. The waiter apologized for the shortness, citing problems with making further hot water drip. He kindly offered me another short cup. I declined because I was afraid of my acid intake. The coffee was fine with a minimal amount of sugar. It was adequately frothy with a tinge of sweetener. I added only half a Stevia packet along with the sugar packet. I enjoyed the coffee. It was light yet bitter. 

After a couple sips, I looked around and unfortunately realised the owner hadn’t opted to stay with the trendiness of other new cafés. Though clearly an upgrade from the West Island location,  there was still too much rustic in a sea of faux nouveau chic. This would be good for a Greek or Italian dinner venue, but the dropped ball will make it impossible to catch up. Where’s Robert Irvine when you need him? 

I must say I made it hard for the waiter, especially because I wanted nothing fried. I wound up with a bagel and cream cheese, a smoked salmon side, along with to medium to firm poached eggs. There was a nice piece of watermelon with it and a less nice piece of cantaloupe. The watermelon was sweet and great. ‘Tis the season after all. 

The service was extremely polite and the owner was making sure he was running a tight ship. He personally came to apologize for the coffee which I appreciated. The hostess was unbelievably accommodating. The waiter was young, but on the ball. The atmosphere was noisy for the amount of people there. Again, blame it on the lack of the faux nouveau chic no matter what the real reason is. 

The menu choices are vast but not overdone. There is no originality, but everything seems to be apt. Adequate. I mean, you can’t fail the guy. And someone, someday, has to learn to stop giving me the poached eggs in an undersized ice cream dish. They were runny, unlike at home. 

The meal was good. Again, looking around, nothing was bad and nothing stood out. 

Can you eat that? My goodness. 

Anyway, run of the mill when it could have been much better. 

SERVICE : 9/10



FOOD: 7/10





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