Genie Bouchard — Next Great Reality Show Star? 

Update: After bowing out in the first round and complaining about having all the pressure of Canada on her shoulders, the beautiful Genie needs this more than ever.

Reality shows is the top-watched TV genre these days. You had Nicole Ritchie and Paris Hilton who brought it to the mainstream and it was popularized by the Kardashians. And there are so many angles you can cover and others that you can hide. In “Total Divas”, the WWE reality show, we get to see the wrestlers out of their athlete zone and peek into their personal lives. Don’t get me wrong, I miss the days when I didn’t have to go to cable networks to get quality shows. But I must admit I get fascinated by watching quality reality shows. These are few and far between. 

Life on the tennis circuit is rough, draining, and too repetitive. It takes a toll on your body and hardly leaves any free time. But Bouchard has found a solution to this —get eliminated in the early rounds. This will give you more twitter time and also free up your schedule for photo shoots, gallery openings, red carpet appearances, and so many other things. It is perfect for getting some “reality” into your life and giving it to the fans. Depending on the quality and maturity of the content, it may even make it to the very respected Tennis Channel or ESPN instead of E!. 

Bouchard has become the Anna Kournikova of today’s tennis world. Most people will eventually lust over her photo op skills rather than her tennis skills. Think about how much better the distraction of reality can be for her. No more nasty true tennis fans writing hurtful tweets to her, telling her to practice her stroke when she posts a beautiful photo on Instagram. It’s hard to get Canadians angry, but she’s done it. 

Once touted as the next great number 1 tennis player, she is now trying to break the top 50, usually having to qualify for major tournaments. It seems she was a one trick pony and she got figured out. So much for the great Westmount hope. But there are many teens waiting to represent Canada that can take her place. And one day there will be a Wimbledon winner from Canada. 

Yes, I might be demanding too much of Genie. After all, it’s hard to do so many things optimally. But I’m easy. She can just be average in 3 things instead of great at one.  And think of the global fame that comes with it. 

Genie, let go and heed my advice. We want to see you at the beach on TV, not just in pictures. 

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