Gialova —Beyond the Lagoon 

The small town of Gialova, about halfway between Pylos and Costa Navarino, has grown to being much more than a lagoon swampland with a few rugged individuals living there all year round. Since the new wider road was built and the giant resort of Costa Navarino touting it to its high end clientele, Gialova has become one of the most touristic areas in the region of Pylos-Nestoros. It has the traditional feel along with that newness that comes with opportune location. 

This is the main road next to the beach. Great food. Dirt cheap. Try the fish. The kitchen and staff across the beach while you’re next to the sand. A semblance of a Greek island. 

This sleepy town is happening at night during the summer months.  Nice hangouts. Freshness. Friendly people. An oasis in the wilderness. And easy access from almost anywhere in the area. 

This is a Greek heritage site, just a few kilometres from town. No commerce allowed. No building allowed. Bring your own umbrella and water.  Voidokilia is one of the last untapped beaches in all of Greece. 

Some like to be in the lap of luxury, even when in the more rustic areas. And for a reason I can’t fathom, they need a pool when they’re next to the beach. This is known in these parts as the American Mentality.

Expensive shops greet you on the road to the beach. A couple of these are happy with a sale a day. They are the Ferrari shops of retailers. 

But let’s not forget the true culture of the people. A place of beauty and hard work. 

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