Chelsea Handler — Racist,  Man-Hating Neo-Liberal 

I love watching the Gong Show. It’s part of my Thursday night relaxing ritual. It was not so relaxing with the presence of Chelsea Handler as one of the 3 judges. Sure, the show is a comedy with some people talented in weird ways. But it is still a respectable hour of fun and escape. 

Handler felt free to be racist and anti-man all night long. In one instance, the 2 male judges, including executive producer Will Arnett, gonged a woman who had 2 rods sticking out in front of her. Handler proceeded to give the totally talentless woman a 10. She then tells Arnett they just gonged her because they felt inadequate. A little earlier, she asked a contestant if he was Russian or Afghani. When he said he was Lebanese in origin, she gave him a higher mark. 

While the above can be taken as  comedy, it crosses the line. In this case, it especially crosses the line because Handler was a Hillary Clinton supporter. No surprise really. And Handler is not new to racist remarks. Here she is, the poster lady for fake news sympathizers and the holier-than-thou democracy dissenters. These people are the hypocrites who think they’re democratic but tell others how to think and what to do. But I don’t give Handler that much credit or credence. Handler is a lackey, an anti-government mule, used by the likes of the Clintons to spread the ignorant propaganda among the masses. 

Before any of you think I’m oversensitive and reactionary, keep in mind that if I were saying this, in reverse, I’d be banned. You know it’s true. Democracy only works when the masses follow it and are called out on not following it. 

The problem is : who’s policing Handler? Who’s holding her responsible? 

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