Rating the Espressos 

1. Cortado 

This is the newest espresso that I hadn’t tried until today. It’s half espresso and half warm milk. In many places you are given a choice of milk, almond milk, coconut milk, etc. The almond milk one was a right amount of sweet. Pretty light, but the milky part makes it too heavy for me. 

2. Americano 

The Americano replaces the milk above with warm water. At first I blamed the local barrista for the stodgy, muddy, watery taste. After trying it in a few places, I realised that it’s supposed to be that way. I have sworn off it since. Suffering through an Americano underload is frustrating at best and irritating at worst. And as I limit myself to 2 coffees max a day, it is also a total waste of time.  It’s like drinking hot bitter water. Adding sugar makes it similar to drinking hot bitter water with some sweetness. Ugh!!!

3. Double Espresso Long 

My favourite cup of coffee. A feast for my taste buds and a delightful antidote to my 9 AM drowsiness. The best part is that, even at double the straight size, it’s still a very small cup of coffee that you savour. Unfortunately, it’s difficult for me to drink it at the acceptable lower speed. 

4. Espresso 

This is the simplest and healthiest cup of coffee in the world. It makes me think of Italian guys at a traditional café drinking it slowly with their pinky finger up in the air. It’s just too small for me to receive pure enjoyment from it. 

5. Freddo 

The latest cold coffee fad is the cold espresso kind called a freddo  (which means cold). As far as cold coffees go, this is not enjoyable because it tastes just a bit better than a cold Americano.  For cold coffee, a frappé is by far superior. 

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