Two Reasons I Go to the Café 

Cafés have been, for over a century, the focal point for meeting up with townsfolk, friends, to just sit back, etc…  We choose where to go depending on the café type and the demographics of the clientele. 

When I go to the Italian coffee shop, I expect to see some serious older guys mixed with well-dressed young men. It’s a busy place with a lot of talking. Everyone’s friendly but also demand respect. And you’d better know your coffee. 

When I go to the Greek coffee shop, I see much younger people who want to keep their Greekness amidst the deluge pulling them otherwise. It’s a relaxed place where engagement is expected but not demanded. The coffee knowledge here is very basic compared to the Italian café. 

Then there’s the fancy coffee chain experience. No one talks much. WiFi use is almost compulsory. And very often, noise is frowned upon. I’d love to see 2 traditional Italians in there. 

Now for my reasons for going to the café. The best reason is that air of creativity that comes upon me. And it comes by drinking the coffee.  It stimulates me and brings out those hidden creative endorphins. The second is to watch and talk to girls on their computers or cell phones. I ask them an open-ended question, wait for their response, follow it up with a question they have to answer yes, then I ask another open-ended question, followed with  “perhaps we should meet another time to continue this because I need to go now. Chances are she’ll answer yes. 

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