Soccer Mom

#soccer-mom #lover 

Teresa fixed and tidied herself up in the car mirror. She had just left the soccer field complaining of having a headache and a deadline. She told Phylicia she’d be working at the office and to call her on her cell if anything really important came up. Phylicia would take Hannah home after the game. 

The motel was becoming a regular fixture. Not the worst hotel in the world, but it just didn’t seem right to keep meeting Steve there. But she hated Steve’s place and all the eyes that could be watching. After all, he just lived a few blocks away and he had a very small 1-room apartment. On the other hand, she was turned on by the grimy setting. The seedy surroundings made her feel like she was cheating even more on Charles. She wanted these moral perversions to accumulate. A seedy hotel. An affair. A man, a boy, less than half her age at 20. A muscled boy in fine arts. A shy boy for the most part. But Steve was also intelligent and deep and knew how to bring her to orgasm every single time. That’s priceless. Especially when you hadn’t known what an orgasm was before Steve gave you one. This was the ultimate example of ignorance being bliss.  The ignorance disappeared with multiple orgasms. And the final perversion till now was Jillian,  Steve’s girlfriend, knowing about it. The 2 liberal and fine arts majors knew that this was freedom. 

Teresa walked towards the room with the last perversion in her mind. It got her so excited. Steve opened the door, part of the left side of his hair a newly-dyed aqua. He told Jillian goodbye and undressed. The rest was business as usual. For a cultured and sensitive boy, Steve still hadn’t grasped the art of hugging afterwards. He tried, yet was leery. 

“Why don’t you hug properly?” Teresa asked.

Steve turned his head away.  “It’s Jillian. She thinks long french kisses and more than light to moderate hugging is cheating.”

“But you are cheating.”

“No, Ma’am,” Steve stated assertively. “You’re the one cheating. I’m just exploring my sexual world. ”

“Isn’t Jillian afraid one day you’ll like someone you’re sleeping with more than her?”

“Like me, she knows it’s not a competition.” Steve was ready for thirds and the conversation stopped. There was no talking after this round. But Steve was moving from light to moderate hugging. It seemed sad when he stopped. They both fell asleep. 


It was night outside when Teresa woke up. She heard Jillian giggling and looked across the room. Steve and Jillian were on their twin Macs and doing homework. Jillian waved at Teresa. Teresa had slept deeply and was having trouble getting up. She finally saw that it was 8.30 and that she’d missed 2 phone calls,  both from Phoebe, her eldest. She was older than Steve. She had fallen asleep for over 4 hours. 

“Steve,  why didn’t you wake me? ”

“You seemed comfortable.”

“I take my meds at 8. Luckily it’s not too late.” 

She got herself a glass of water and then started getting dressed. 

“I see why Steve thinks you’re so sexy. You have a great body for a woman your age. If you don’t mind, we can have a threesome soon.”

Yet another perversion. But it somehow didn’t seem right. It seemed like a deeper hole instead of another step towards sexual liberation. They’d use her and then shoo her away, like an old feline. 

Jillian was also a soccer mom. That’s how she met Steve. Jillian was 24 and very mature. Her little boy was 4. 

“Jillian, I’ve come to figure out that I’m needy,” Teresa said, surprising even herself that she realised this right there, live. “I’m here to cheat on my husband. Nothing gives me more pleasure than knowing he doesn’t have the upper hand on something. I want nothing more than for him to find out one day and feel hurt. Sure, I enjoy the sex, but if it were not cheating I’d be bored. And I need bigger perversions every time. So yes, we’ll have a menage a trois. Then what?” Teresa felt catharsis. Jillian looked at her and smiled to say she was glad Teresa agreed. Steve seemed to be in his own world, unaware of the past few important minutes in Teresa’s life. 

Jillian came in front of her and kissed her deeply for a few seconds. She then went back to work. Teresa got dressed and was on her way. She told them both goodbye and Steve grunted while Jillian said goodbye wearily. 

She went to the car and listened to Phoebe’s identical messages. Hannah was at the hospital having fractured her arm. 


Hannah had already come home from the hospital. It was after 10 o’clock. Charles looked at Teresa with a blank face but said nothing. Phoebe,  Jillian’s friend, looked at her mother.  She seemed fine but very surprised. 

“My phone was on silent. ”

Phoebe smiled and nodded yes. 

Hannah was on her way to sleep. She smiled at her mother. “Phoebe told me you were busy. It’s OK,  mom.”

The anxiety was making Teresa shake and she felt a panic attack coming. She went into her bedroom and started crying. Charles let the panic subside before he came in. 

“Hannah’s going to be OK fast. It was a sprain. But you’re in misery and miserable. And since we’re sleeping in different rooms for over a year now,  I’ve decided to actively look for a lover. And it’s only fair that you do the same. I’ve thought about it hard.”

“You found someone, right.”

“Yes, Teresa. Debra. She’s an easy catch. But I’ll look harder to find someone who fits your standards,” Charles said condescendingly.

Teresa nodded and Charles left. His slut secretary. Just about Phoebe’s age. Then came the emptiness. This was not imagined emptiness. It was real void. Real nothingness. All she’d worked for all these months just gone. Charles had beaten her again.  

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