Defining Human Empowerment and Its Misrepresentation in Society and Mainstream Media 

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The person on top of the mountain is the universally accepted definition of empowerment.  And in a general sense, it is. 

From Google:

The term empowerment refers to measures designed to increase the degree of autonomy and self-determination in people and in communities in order to enable them to represent their interests in a responsible and self-determined way, acting on their own authority.

This is as I’ve always preached —a term I  call “democracy”. And it has never veered from the “Education,  Enlightenment, Empowerment” mantra. And we need to look at the definition carefully. Nowhere is there an allusion to gender. Nowhere is there an allusion to a specific group of people. There is no mention of age. There is no mention of ideology. 

We also need to simplify this by utilizing Maszlo’s Hierarchy of Needs

This is the hierarchical model to be followed on the road to empowerment.  It is this model that most media outlets ignore. With the worldwide advent of neoliberalism, this is being erased as an item on social and political agendas in general. This, for the most part, has brought about austerity measures that are threatening more and more people into falling out of any of these hierarchical needs being met. 

And thus the problem of extreme disempowerment begins. To ignore this state of affairs, the mainstream media is focusing on secondary issues which placate and handicap the masses. It is the job of the empowered to point out the truth and sort through the fake news. 

An image similar to the one above first greeted me in my early teens after I exited the Port Authority bus terminal in New York City. Having grown up in rural Greece and away from downtown Montreal, I had never even heard of homelessness. My young heart skipped a beat, yet shamefully became accustomed to it as part of life. This is not part of life. 

Austerity measures are put in place in order for the masses to forcefully become individualistic for the false notion that it is their only way of surviving. They compete with each other, instead of uniting to get rid of this roadblock. Then, when they do protest, their governments are taken over by special elitist interests and the banks that control and protect these interests. Look at Detroit. Look at Greece. The people spoke, the government agreed, yet the powers above quashed the whole thing. 

The above are astounding stats. Again, an impediment to empowerment caused by the denial of basic human needs and rights. The higher the poverty level, the less the existence of democracy. 

The media tend to ignore these stats. The reason Donald Trump won the election in the US is almost completely based on this. He had the right strategy and appealed to the right people at the right time. And all the opposition can do is talk about Russia connectionsand misogyny.

Someone comparing the opposition and the media cannot be blamed. They regurgitate the same news. And, again to Trump’s credit, this is rightfully fake news. Whether you like it or not, the facts speak for themselves. The sheer perversionof the facts is overwhelming. On too of the regular fear-mongering, there is the sheer non-presentation of reality. Reality is that things are going from bad to worse. In this sense, Trump echoes the European leftists. 

Families consist of people from different age groups, genders, and points of view. Nevertheless, they are united by the bonds of blood relations and community. Communities consist of the unity of these clans. One of the most popular and growing communities is the working poor. The working poor are people working full time yet still struggle to meet their basic needs. They consist of people who live paycheque to paycheque and get panic attacks over having to get unpaid sick leave,  a lack job security, not having any funds for their retirement, and dying alone,  among other things. 

The media is manipulating empowerment by equating it to feminism. All this does is cause a schism between feminists and non-feminists. And it pits women against each other. It unequally and perversely empowers neo-feminists to get away with any kind of harassment against others  (especially middle-aged white men and traditional women) while giving them a suit of armour against anything anyone says about them. Indeed, this makes for great systemic bullying, which only adds to keeping others down. This is mostly allowed by mainstream media and society because most neo-feminists are higher up the food chain than most women. As unpopular as some see this paragraph’s point of view,  most women reading this are rejoicing. In silence, of course, lest they be vilified and bullied. 

The worst thing the media is doing is giving almost all its airtime to the neoliberal support of capitalism and the demonization of others. In yet another perverse turn, after months of watching Fox and CNN, CNN offered far more fake news than Fox. Keep in mind that Fox is opinionated in their support of conservatism, yet their reporting is not false. CNN claim their news comes directly from reliable sources. All I ever see on CNN these days are reports demonizing Russia and glorifying the neoliberal agenda. 

So let’s tackle the problem of disempowerment by promoting the truth. I have come out with the plain truth even though it will bring me lots of hate mail. But it needs to be told. 

Let’s concentrate on attaining or having others attainwhat is due to them as humans. Start by going here. 

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