Don’t Hijack Canada Day


It’s July 1st again. Time to enjoy ourselves and be proud of our country.  Sure,  it’s not perfect. But it’s on the top 5 list in almost every category.  We may complain,  but we have it good. I just have to compare us to people living in most countries, where they can barely get by.  I just have to take a look at every country outside northern Europe and parts of the US to see how precariously most people live and how little their lives matter. People come to Canada to escape this. Why else would you live in a cold barren country?  It promises opportunity. 

Then you’ve got idiots like this guy. 

I was driving near my house this morning when I saw some clowns waving their Quebec flags on Canada Day. They had a poster of Prime Minister Trudeau and Ahuntsic Liberal MP Melanie Joly and they had written under the poster “150 Years of Oppression” and “150 Years of Servitude and Colonialism “. The worst thing about this is not the shameful spectacle nor the lack of human decency and respect. The worst part of this is the sheer ignorance of these monkey toads and their lack of proper upbringing and education when it comes to historical fact. 

1. Canada hasn’t colonized anyone

2. Quebecers and the rest of Canadians have been equally oppressed 

3. Quebec and Ontario,  the first 2 Canadian colonies, fought and got to this point 

So trying to ruin Canada Day because you feel you’ve been dissericed is silly. But it’s your prerogat. A prerogative you wouldn’t give to others waving a Canadian flag on your “national” holiday a week ago. Grow up and have some respect. This is wholly a language issue and nothing else. There is no oppression. 

The aboriginal people were oppressed and genocided by the Europeans that came here in the from the 15th century onwards. Recently, they have started to regain their culture and languages. There are so many distinct first nations societies,  and most have a story of untold horror to tell. And they should. I urge them to. 

In order for this country to work and improve, we need to work together and unite. This is as fractured a Canada as I’ve ever seen. Democratically, this is a chance to air dissatisfaction and grievances. It’s a chance to learn of the horrid oppression. I, for one, want the aboriginal people to get what is owed them. This is Canada’s shame, and the progressive government currently in office shines a ray of hope into trying to make amends with the initial settlers of Canada. 

So let’s put those  blue flags of perverse nationalism away for one day. Let’s hope the founders of Canada give the country a chance to become more united. 


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