Where to Take your Visiting Cousin in Montreal 

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I was asked to give places I would take my cousin to if he were to ever visit Montreal. And I had to stay away from the obvious. I chose to stay away from the extremely obvious,  but still had to put some musts in just in case. 

Little Burgundy and Griffintown 

I just start this off with a coffee and brunch at or near the Atwater Market. This is in a rejuvenated part of town that has managed to rebuild with the rich and poor neighbourhoods existing side by side. This area was dominated by Jamaican immigrants and by Irish ones before that. Now it is one of the hottest and trendiest places to live at and visit. Its ugly condominiums take a back seat to the old and new cultures. 

This is a mural of famous Montreal jazz icon Oliver Jones. 

And this is a typical house in the more affluent area. 

Just west of this is the Atwater Market,  with the backdrop of people kayaking in the Lachine Canal. There are numerous bike paths,  green space, and people just hanging around and relaxing, with food trucks and some music playing on the weekends in summer. 

Point St Charles 

A place that God seems to have forgotten, Point St Charles is just south of Little Burgundy. It is one of the poorest areas in Canada, but the architecture and street art are amazing and seemingly untouched. I would keep off the smaller seedier streets at night,  but it is a place to walk an hour or 2 around in. 

The Urban Beach 

Then it’s time to get hot and beachy at the Old Port at Montreal’s Urban Beach by the St. Lawrence River. 

Yes, awesome sand and an awesome view, with beautiful people and plenty of room and umbrellas to unwind, tan, and have a drink. But, alas, you cannot go into the water, lest you wish to turn green. 

But it’s a try on a not-so-hot day. Showers are available if you get hot. 

The Lakeshore 

This is the bike path along the Lachine Canal that goes all the way to the western tip of the island, just next to the road that does the same.  This is my favourite drive on the island of Montreal. Nature,  with lots of parks, green space, shore, nice homes, quaint neighbourhoods, and nice places to take a break at. 

Borrowed from Global TV , this is an example of the incorporated beauty of the area. 

These are the pier and lighthouse in Lachine. You can park and fish on the pier. You can go ice fishing in the winter. You can always go in the lighthouse and get a nice view of the water. Certainly worth a stop on your way west. 

There are many municipalities you pass on your way to the other side of the Lakeshore. 

Certainly one of the prettiest places to visit and reside in is Pointe Claire Village, an area that is becoming a bit more trendy but that still has its villagy feel.  You feel that you’re far removed from the city and the suburbs here, although you’re a 5-minute drive away from the heart of the West Island area of Montreal. And real estate is being bought quickly because of its eventual increase in value in the near future. 

This is one of the 2 main streets of the village. This will only be considered off the beaten path for a little while. 

Habitat 67

These strange looking homes were built in 1967 for the Montreal World Exposition. People still live in these luxurious homes. Here’s a million – dollar home. Book an appointment or just visit what you can.

Ile de la Visitation 

Moving to the north end of town is a humongous park that offers biking and hiking trails, picnic tables, and just beautiful scenery. 

I also like to have a nice healthy meal while listening to the small falls. 

Westmount Park

Almost no one knows Westmount Park, which is hidden just west of downtown Montreal and in its most affluent neighbourhood of Westmount. Beautiful greenery, spacious, great place to take a break from whatever you’re doing. 

Place Jacques Cartier and Old Montreal 

Place Jacques Cartier is the downtown of Old Montreal. Great restaurants are not in the square itself, but just a bit over any of the intersecting streets. And you can find anything you want. There are street artists selling their works and also many other activities that you never know existed. 

Finally, you need to go to a club and hang out. 

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