Dileika Village, Methoni — Forgotten Landmark 

#Dileika #Methoni #olives

As close to nature as you can be near civilization ,  Dileika is just 3 kilometers fromMethoni. The road is sand and difficult to drive to, especially when you meet someone coming the other way. 

Itis a place little-known to most except for the people near Methoni, especially with the Diles surname. It is where they all came from about a century ago. It’s one of those easy family trees.  No one lives there now. But the area is breathtaking.  

This is a picture from the “parking area”

This is me in the church courtyard. Behind my head is Methoni and its beach to the left.  

This is the cemetery. Many Diles still prefer to be buried up here. 

With the growth of Methoni, it may only be a matter of time before developers hit the village. Or at least some Diles families who have farms there and wish to build a house. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen, or is at least limited to a percentage of the total property owned. 

There is prime Kalamata olive oil here. And the word is getting out.

Andreas Diles is now selling his olive oil online. It’s extra virgin and smooth.

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