How Local Are Your Needs?

I’m waiting for my hairdresser, a Bosnian young lady who is the only one I trust with my head. She’s within a 10-minute drive of me.

The same goes for my dentist and most of my hangouts. This is something we should all strive for. We need to have amenities close to us.
My family doctor is 23 km away. My favourite markets are somewhat far. My butcher and fish guy are close.

I believe proximity should be inventivised. The government should make more walkable and sustainable neighbourhoods. It should make you pay less taxes for living in one. We should have a reason to feel good. We should not know that sustainability is just another cash grab. Those who care for our planet should not try to capitalize from it. All that does is not make us trust them and bring the green projects down. We need to not use sane environmental rules for profit. 

Till then, I will not go out of my way to be green. I will just be green up to the point of where it is convenient for me.

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