Love Flowers 

#love #friend #mother 

This post comes from the heart. It comes from the deepest riches of my being. And although I am a sensitive male, I am still a male. This makes it hard for us to express our inner emotions, lest we be shunned or shamed. 

Don’t believe me? Even the most sensitive of bards admits to this.

Even the most creative bard, the most immersed writer, the most passionate photographer, at some point gets attacked by a moment of reflection. To some, it’s like a long-awaited moment of truth slapping them in the face. In rarer instances, it is a moment of epiphanic proportions.  At its weakest, it pierces through some heartstrings and you feel the image above and start to cry tears of joy. 

In my case, a life of hidden hardship has been made wonderful by 2 things : my creativity and the love and friendship of others. Love is the antidote to many rough situations. You just need to be yourself and not be judged. You need to not be afraid to talk to the other because you’re scared of their reaction. 

Love is never a romance. It’s not a need. It’s something that comes naturally. It’s a mutual respect that grows bigger even when the initial physical attraction wanes. It’s something deeper, that negates physical attraction. True love is the understanding that all will be well and you always go to bed happy. Love has no distance. It has no barriers.  

In moments of pain and turbulence,  the heart and mind seek solace. They need a positive thought. They need reassurance. Someone who truly loves you stands through these moments with you. Ahhh…the comfort of a reassuring hug. The calm of a friendly voice. It does wonders for the soul. And it never seems trivial afterwards. And as hard as it may be to support this, you know the other will be there again. 

Do you see how there are no pics like this with guys? Maybe I’m a dubious sort. 

As trite as it sounds, the pain needs to be spread around. The angst needs to be repeated to a true friend. These are, indeed , hard to find. 

Then there’s the most profound feeling of all. A mother’s love is unable to be matched. And when the mother goes, so goes a part of you. 

I’m lucky to have some very good people I can turn to. It has kept me sane and allowed me to go down my chosen path, even when I’ve veered off it a bit. 

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