How the Medical System Is Killing Us 

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When we speak of healthcare,  it tends to be synonymous with disease. Almost no one speaks of prevention. That’s just some taboo subject some bleeding heart Marxist must have in mind. 

In fact,  Cuba practices preventative medicine.  It’s a shame richer countries can’t do the same thing. And it costs almost nothing compared to having to fight the disease. But that’s the exact argument as to why the system wants disease to occur. Sickness is profitable. And it starts from the highee-ups and trickles down to the doctors. 

Everything in the name of your health is taken care of according to profit. Are they better off with you sick? Is it good to have  “too many ” healthy people?  Can a population exist and thrive if it needs to support its elderly? More importantly,  who’s worth saving? 

Above is a typical Montreal hospital ward with patients waiting to be put into a room. These people are definitely sick,  especially considering the stringent rules for being admitted to hospital set out by the government. They’re in pain and no one seems to have time to tend to them. When asking how much longer, they get condescension from hospital staff. The doctors on duty have become more limited due to a trend towards specialization promoted by the government. The specialist takes weeks or months to see. So where are these man hours being logged? 

In all fairness, there are more people who wind up at the hospital because of the limit of patients per day put on local clinics. Yet going to any health institution is seen with scorn unless you are on the verge of death. Then they’ll take you in with open arms and do every test available to make sure you’re properly diagnosed. Of course it’s too late. And of course it’s your fault. You had all the clinics, doctors, and high tech medicine available to you. Why were you too lazy to take advantage of it? 

I had intestinal pain and went to triage. Seeing as I was priority 4 out of 5, it was suggested to me to come back in the morning, unless it got worse. I came back the next morning and there was some frustrated nurse at triage whole snapped at me when I told him I had gone home overnight. He raised his voice and another nurse came in. She showed him the note written on my file. I asked for an apology and he gave me an alien stare. So much for professionalism and order. Nothing wrong found on the x-rays. 

3 weeks later, I take the same problem to a private clinic. The doctor I saw was very competent and listened. All the right tests we done within 3 days and we eradicated the problem. Had I waited longer, it could have been dire and potentially fatal. 

What did I get out of the 2 stories above? First of all,  I should feel privileged for even having the right to be yelled at when walling into a hospital. Secondly,  all staff except the doctors are overworked and underpaid. Thirdly, doctors have turned into the medical police. What are you worth? At the private clinic, I’m worth as much as anyone else paying for the services. In the public sector, I’m just another extra potentially sick person adding to the overload. And if I were important, I wouldn’t be there in the first place. 

Doctors don’t become doctors to save your life. They become doctors to make lots of money. 

Perhaps the biggest player in all of this is big pharma. They are a very corrupt bunch that create life-saving drugs for as high a price as they can realistically get. And drug insurance,  private or public, caters to their whims. They refer to doctors as their  “drug whores” because they can often convince them to push their drug just by buying sushi their them and their staff.  It’s hard to see the most respected professionals in the world stoop to such an embarrassing level of respect. While it takes more than this to convince most doctors, they are eventually convinced.  

Big pharma loves to promote their work as Research and Development. While that may be true at the onset, the ridiculous drug-peddling that goes on diminishes them to profiteers off of the sick and desperate.  They need to be regulated by the government and have a profit ceiling. Medicine should not be there to make big corporations rich without any trickling down to others. 

The picture above is for me the most despicable I’ve ever posted. 

Let’s get something staight. Drugs kill. Abuse of drugs kills. New drugs have no guarantee of anything. Your doctor’s hands are usually tied when it comes to what he can prescribe due to the scarcity if drugs no longer being pushed by big pharma. 

Turmeric, above, is a wonder spice. It does more than most drugs can for the digestive tract. If we learn its benefits from an early age, maybe colon cancer would be on its way down rather than up. Healthy habits are easy to teach. And there should be no fear of stigmatisation if one reveals their problems. 

I often think of how Kim Kardashian takes care of her health. You know, just your average idiotwith undeserved wealth. Then I think of how I would take care of my health if I had money. I would have a physical every 3 to 6 months. I would see a specialist in preventative medicine. I would not hesitate to see a doctor at the slightest problem. All this because I’d be treated with a smile,  no matter how much of a nuisance I may be.  

Finally, let’s stop eating junk. Let’s get some exercise. And let’s build our network of friends.  Let’s try not to have to use the system until as late as possible. 

In the meantime, we need to  not be taken for granted and we need to empower ourselves to be healthier and fight the shaming and injustice. Let’s give equal proper access to the exact same top notch quality healthcare to all. 

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