An Ode to All 


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This one’s for the dead 

The dead I used to know

The ones from my childhood mostly 

Who seemed so immortal 
The postman 

The barber

All my departed clan members 

The villagers in general 

The priest 

The man who lived up the hill tending sheep 

The drunk fisherman 

The fat ladies at the market 

The woman who baked your bread when you brought her granny’s dough 

The one-armed man

The blind woman 

The homosexual couple pretending to be brothers 

The taxi driver 
This one’s for the moribund 

Or so it seems they are 

The ones I met when I moved from Greece 

Who seemed strange 

Were different 



Who taught me to be careful 
I visited my elementary school 

Ceilings seemed so low 

Schoolyard so small

All that was left were anecdotes 
The principal 

The grade 6 teacher who also moonlighted as the music teacher 

The mean kids 

The meaner kids 

The bullies 

The ones who liked me 

Their aloof parents 

I wonder what happened to the dumb ones 
This one’s for the many 

The stupid 

The disturbed 

The adult bullies 

The idiotic young men I grew around 

The ones who only cared about getting the girls 

The nimrods getting high in the park 

The ones who copied my notes 

I heard most of them are worse off now 

This one’s for the living 

The ones who knew life 

Though few 

They made my life plentiful 

They were my friends 

My girlfriends 

My allies 

Some family members 

The ones with understanding nods 

The girl with that perfect innocent smile 

The beautiful people who knew me 


By looking at me 

Saw through my expressionless face 

Into my bleeding heart 

And sensitive soul 
Gone by 



I love a fulfilling life 

A meaning 

A hope 

And if you’re reading this 

And you see yourself in here somewhere 


Thank you!!!

Copyright Ted Kouretas 2017 

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