The Internet Takes Away Privacy and Makes Us Ignorant 

#privacy #subjectivity #ignorance 

A selfie on a social network has been described as the epitome of narcissism by many.  Others see it as an attention-seeking mechanism for those who crave being liked and haven’t felt it. Either way, there’s a big price to pay for whatever the reason is. The price is the it’ll stay there forever, always available for others to see and use. Like me here, people can choose random photos to make a point or simply make it cohesive with the text. 

While a picture may not do much to your reputation,  the lack of privacy moves progressively from this to a total knowledge of your browsing history. 

This death of privacy leads to an unavoidable adherence to ignorance. It is not a conscious choice.  Rather it is forced upon by the big boys and girls running the Internet. It is the beginning of a new world order. 

As can be seen above, the new world order is empowered by all of us that use the Internet. Simply put,  your life is out there for the entire world to see. Remember the days when we had no idea about other nations? Now we have a lot of information about other people.  Ironically,  we may have less information about other nations and about life and the world in general. 

The more of our information that is processed,  the more prone we are to knowing less about the world. Our Facebook likes are used as marketing tools. They give us that dreaded “Suggested Post “. Then we get the even more important-sounding  “Sponsored Post”. Wow. They know I want to read “The Economist ” while trying to get me interested in the alt right. Yes, the algorithm needs work still, but the point is that we are being targeted as potential money. And make no mistake about it, we are nothing more than a dollar sign at the outset. 

Everything you post matters to fringe groups who live on the edges of society. Though some may have some shameful thing they do that they don’t want to get out, others are dangerous and recruiting on the net. 

Darknet is an exceptional show that gives great insight on the Internet. In one episode, they show how neo-nazis took advantage of a lonely teenager. In the same way there is recruiting done to disgruntled youth. At the core is the loneliness and dissatisfaction that the Internet creates. Then it is this weakness that the recruiters prey upon. 

Thereason ignorance is bred comes from the abundance of information itself. The problem is that our abundance of likes, shares, posts, etc, on social media helps build a pretty accurate profile of who we are. To keep us sated, or at least not less satisfied,  apps and Internet searches feed us news they think we’ll like. They will fill a liberal with liberal news from liberal media and news sources. While this may seem harmless, this liberal, or conservative, or whoever, will think nothing else exists. This will make him more unwilling to keep an open mind. It segregates him from alternative views. The polarization can be seen in politics. We get no unbiased breakdown of the facts. Each media outlet will give you a biased opinion. Most people won’t subscribe to different media outlets if the current one legitimizes their views. 

Look at the graphic above. Ever thought of what’s below the Surface Web? 

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