Spring Is Here — Rebuild Your Body and Mind 

#Spring #health #exercise #friends 

Spring is my favourite time of year because it is a new beginning. The body and mind have been cleansed and are calmer,  and it’s time to refill and invigorate them with all the good and positivity that we can. 

Here’s a good idea of how to start doing that. 

A favourite activity of mine is strawberry and raspberry picking. Just 20 minutes from the metropolis are local farms that afford you the pleasure of getting dirty by picking your berries or the luxury of just buying them outright. 

If you don’t want to venture too far,  just go to a farmers market. The food there is fresher than at the market. Eating well and healthier is a good routine that starts with delicious food. It is tantamount to empowering your body and introducing it to nutrition that will guide it and protect it from disease. 

Some people are coffee people. The good news is that coffee is being proven to be healthier for you more and more every day. 

Exercising is great for you. And you can now also do it outside the gym. Jogging or running take a lot of patience and endurance. Cycling, on the other hand, is much slower in pace, gets you to your destination faster, and doesn’t drain you. You can bike to work, to a friend’s,  or even to the market. 

Spring is a great time to go shopping. Statistics show people shop more in Spring than any other season. You need to moderate your shopping habits. Perhaps leave the credit cards at home and pay with cash would help. 

There’s nothing like a happy person with a smile on their face. We’ve all heard how much more difficult it is to smile than to frown. So go ahead and let those pearly whites shine. Speaking of which,  go to the dentist if you feel you need to. It will cost you as much as shopping and may save your teeth in the process. 

Go see beautiful places or landscapes. This calms the soul. It makes a hectic day calmer by letting you see it from outside your personal subjective box or bubble for what it is. It keeps anxiety in check. Simply put, it save your mental and, in turn, your physical health. 

Finally, we need to broaden our social network. No,  not on social media. Call your friends. Tell them to call theirs. Talk to strangers. Just be a free-spirit ready to take all positive energy of others in. 

Oh yeah,  enjoy some good barbecued meat. 

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