People With Dependent Personality Disorder Easy to Manipulate 

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Since as far back as I can remember, there have always been people who want to belong so badly, they go through great and often self-destructive. The labeling of this mental disorder is apt and accurate, considering the dangers involved in it. 

The general definition above demonstrates now people,  mostly women,  who fall into this category can be easily influenced and manipulated by others. Recent research has shown that it may be as common in men,  but that it was hidden by society’s view that men need to be ‘masculine ‘ and not show their emotions. 

This article from Psychology Today gives a good description of the disorder 
Even after all this proof and its possible harms,  the disorder is still taboo in most circles. It puts in the open one’s tendency and need to be weak. And this brings about shame for them and their family. 

Unlike other mental disorders, there is no medication for this. But there are therapies. 

Take the Dependent Personality Disorder test here. 

Hypersensitivity leads to hurt feelings which in turn lead to destructive behavior. Do you know a woman who goes from one bad relationship to another? She may be suffering from DPD. You may have noticed that the guys she’s attracted to are probably narcissistic. Narcissists usually prey on sensitive and submissive individuals. And the circle won’t end till the dependent realizes what’s going on. 

All of the above character flaws need to be soothed and accepted in order for the dependent to start feeling comfortable and calm enough to lead a normal life. Yes,  this sounds awful. And it is our word to get the word out. Otherwise,  there will always exist predators who will manipulate the weaknesses in these people. 

The woman kneeling prefers to be berated and belittled by the man than to be alone and needy. She will take his abuse and even his violence just to feel accepted. Enter Battered Wife Syndrome,  where the victim is beaten yet won’t ever press charges. 

DPD usually starts in the teen years. And relationships with friends and peers at this time is the most important factor in shaping a young person’s personality. It builds our self-worth and self -image. This is why bullying should have a zero tolerance policy. 

We should never have to be at another’s mercy for our happiness or well -being. 

If you think yousuffer from dependent personality disorder or know someone who does, contact a psychologist or your family doctor immediately. 

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