Montreal Flooding Displaces People and Destroys Homes 

#Trudeau #montreal #floods 

It has been a rainy month of flooding so far. 

This is a video from the scene of some flooding in the West Island of Montreal

The infrastructure is decades out of date .  While people struggle to find their way out of the flood, it is far from over. There are whole businesses that have been destroyed and homes may not be dry enough to start repairing for another month. There’s a good chance that some homes will have to be built from the ground up in some hard-hit areas. 

While the federal government has brought in the army to help, they are not giving any breaks to the people affected. And public outcry, although it exists, has been minimal. A lot of people I’ve polled believe the ones affected are a bunch of whiny rich people who shouldn’t get insurance money. Others blame them for having homes next to the water. Truth is that most of these people are not rich and many of them are unofficially homeless with nowhere to go at the moment. 

If Prime Minister Trudeau cared about the people, he would give much more than the crumbs allotted so far. It is reprehensible and unacceptable that anything comes ahead of public safety and individual welfare and rights. In a perverse way, Trudeau is not keeping his word on his number one election issue —protecting the environment and the people impacted by it. Or will he not admit this is just the beginning of an environmental disaster?

Mr. Trudeau, I know a lot of these people and they are just average citizens that work hard and just got screwed in a country that calls itself  “open and free”. In the future, you need to perhaps verify where the limit to build houses should be. But now, every issue takes a back seat to the displaced masses that rely on you. Chances are they voted for you. Will you have their vote in the future?

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