The Causes of Sexual Addiction 

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We all know what sexual addiction is. It manifests itself in many forms. But it usually stems from early in life and continues till it is recognized and taken care of. The question among many is at what point sex starts becoming an addiction and when should you have to do something about it. 

The fastest rising form of sexual addiction these days is addiction to porn. This is obviously due to the facility of access to free porn on the Internet. And it isn’t these creepy old men that are doing it. It’s anybody. And it is becoming a serious societal problem, causing detachment and loneliness both for the one addicted and the others around them. 

Read this woman’s sexual addiction story. 

It seems something out of a porn movie but on a PG level. 

And this woman’s. 

We begin to see the causes and effects. This could be an opportunity for me to elaborate in book form on the subject. But let’s touch on what I deem the most important points. 


Bullying and other types of antisocial behavior often cause isolation and a need to belong. Self-esteem is lost and desperation sets in. This young girl may become susceptible to manipulation due to her lack of esteem. She is open to predators such as pimps,  sugar daddies, and just plain sociopaths. 

It would be wrong to exclude men from the equation. They can come to the same situation. The difference is the handling of it. It is less likely that they’ll be the victims of the same people. In this case, they may become the ones doing the victimization. They become the pimps. The predators. The creepy salivating gropers. 

In essence, there is a circle of abusers and abused taking advantage and being taken advantage of. 


Body image is one example of how women get even lower in the self-esteem ladder. When perfectly fine women or girls have to live up to certain body types, there is no wonder they will be affected and want to convince themselves they are worth something. This is what night club predators refer to as an easy or loose woman. On the surface she’s a sex addict, when in fact she’s just destroying her mind and soul. This is a situation that needs immediate attention.  

This is how these girls may see themselves. 


We need to stop judging people based upon their sexual lives. 

This article gives a good general overview relating to sex addiction. 

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