Get Rid of Constant Fatigue and Invigorate Your Life 

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I got a request from a 35-year-old, otherwise healthy, woman to help her with her fatigue. She had been to the doctor and the diagnosis was stress with, as usual, the mundane advice of “just get rid of the stressors in your life”. The woman could not get rid of her husband, children, and job. And this is when you get frustrated and stop seeing the doctor and give up, accepting all your “incurable ” ills as part of getting old and weary prematurely. Just look at the picture above. That’s your goal. If you don’t like running, then Google some other desirable icon and let it be your goal. My aim with this young lady was to make her fatigue and fear go away. All she needed was the right type of knowledge to become confident and empowered. 

Detoxify and Energize your Morning 

The detoxification of all the crap in our bodies needs to begin in the morning. Water with lemon is the best way to start this process. Make sure you have nothing till you drink a cold glass or a hot cup of this. I would recommend adding baking soda if you can digest it properly. It can do wonders for your immune system. 

0% yoghurt is for people who absolutely have a problem with fat or cholesterol. If possible, 5%, or full fat,  yoghurt is the best way to go. We need as much good fat as possible. And don’t forget the superiority of Greek yoghurt. When we take in the protein and good fat value, there is no question that any other kind of yoghurt is quite inferior. Yoghurt is essential in starting off your day. 

Adding Maca to your yoghurt will give you all the necessary energy-boosting advantages above. Adding honey or pure maple syrup can also help you ultra boost your morning. And remember, the morning decides the rest of your day.  Eggs and avocados are also great for energy, as are raspberries. Try to incorporate theseinto your diet in the morning or during the day. 

The Need for Proteins 

Nuts, in small amounts, are the best energy -boosting snacks. 

Protein needs to be incorporated into your diet every day. Meat needs to be eaten. Make sure it’s of the highest qualitywith no hormones or additives. 

The best source ofnatural pure protein is salmon. As far as non-meat products go, hemp is the only protein source with all the essential amino acids of meat. Always have some in the fridge or pantry. 

Wake Up Energized and Stay That Way 

We again have to get back to the morning. I can’t emphasize enough on how the morning is by far the most important part of your day in terms of fueling up for the long hours ahead. 

If you wake up invigorated, you won’t be yawning in front of your computer. People generally need between 6 to 9 hours of sleep a night. This varies by individual and quality of sleep. How do we get quality sleep? It’s much easier said than done. As a physician would say,  get rid of the thoughts in the image below. 

These problems affect almost everyone. In difficult situations, they can overwhelm and put us on the brink of a burnout. This must be avoided at all costs. But the answer is not quitting your job or locking the world away. The solution involves tackling your problem and finding a solution. Let’s face it, stressors will always exist and we’ll need to know how to build coping mechanisms. I will not go into detail here. Suffice it to say it takes yoga and /or meditation. It can also include running and going to the gym. It takes talking to a professional. This is something we need to overcome. There is no shame in seeking counseling. The shame is in not being able to ever get your energy back or recover from mental or physical illness due to stress. 

My Advice in a Nutshell 

Fatigue is an important stage in the physical and mental deterioration of the body due to poor or rigid lifestyle choices that have brought about overexertion and stress. It is a cry for help that needs to be addressed immediately. 

You need to change your lifestyle while not giving up your life. You need to come out of this a stronger person, not one that has been scarred and is more limited than before. This is the problem here and it’s because drugs are given instead of natural remedies and advice. Sure, drugs have their role. But only in emergencies and where all options have been exhausted. 

In this case, the young woman needs to eat and sleep better, increasing her protein and good fat intake. She needs to exercise more and see herself from outside her subjective bubble. 

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