Antiparos,Greece — Class, Calm,  and Nudism 

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It took my friend and me 2 hours to circle Paros with out scooters. It would have taken longer if he wasn’t driving the scooter like a Canadian tourist, holding on tightly for dear life at every sharp turn. I knew I was completely fearless and stress-free when little matters like life and safety came in a distant second to just being there for the moment. Paros is the perfect example of a white and blue windmilled island in the Cyclades.  

Then we came upon this sign 

The next day I took the 12 o’clock 2-minute fairy fairy ride to Antiparos. The 4-hour interval between fairies wasn’t surprising. Even in as secluded a place as Antiparos, the siesta rule was still in effect. The law in most places banned any excessive and /or unnecessary noise between 2 and 5 in the afternoon.  It sort of fit the schedule here. And this makes it interesting, because it’s easier to get a feel when there’s less people up and about. 

Camping sites are usually the main areas for tourism on the island and usually easily accessible to the general public. It’s no different here. The camping site is also home to the first nudist beach in the Cyclades. 

It is quite small, but very popular. I just reached this point of it and headed back, since being clothed seemed to be frowned upon, according to the manager of the camping site. 

Antiparos has a very small population and a relatively small amount of tourists. For this reason, the beaches are quite abundant and you can pretty much do what want on any beach. 

I like to see some people on the beach. It being late-August, the off season was starting. I drove around a bit till I came here. 

The water is extremely calm and clean. I decided to camp out here and take a small swim. It is never too hot on these islands,  as there are constant winds blowing. The 34 degrees seemed very tolerable. As I lay down reading my book, I slowly fell into lovely slumber. It was so relaxing. I knew where I was yet I was dreaming and sleeping deeply. After an hour, I got up and realized that the dream had ended. I was indeed on a beach in Antiparos. I went for a cold Frappé coffee.

Still trying to snap out of slumber,  I was approached by a girl who told me her name was Bianca and that she was from Belgium.  She asked if I wanted to buy her a drink. I looked at her and decided she was doing this independently so I agreed.  We chatted mostly in French. She had been there for a couple of weeks and had been inspired to paint. With September coming the following week, she had to go to a bigger European city for the off season. She had mentioned Prague, but thought it too saturated.  I listened to this confused girl and asked her if she was alone. All her friends had left the island to continue their island hopping. They hadn’t found their inspiration. 

We finished and hopped on my scooter and went to her place. It was quaint, overlooking some olive trees and some farmland. There was a steady breeze blowing in. Her room was part of a Greek family’s home. She told me they lived here year-round.  Having told her I collected paintings, she showed me some she thought were good. I picked out one in the back of the pile and told her I’d buy that one. It was an elementary piece of work that looked like water colour class. But it sort of stuck out. I sensed a tinge of despair on her face. Sort of like I was insulting the rest of her work. I picked up the painting and asked her if she wanted to eat at a nice restaurant. 

We went to a relaxing and classy place. The good thing about the islands is that you never have to dress well. At least not in the smaller islands. 

We ate and had a good time. One of the best part of my island trip was my discovery of how the most important thing in sustaining interest with others was a good conversation. In my case, it was with much younger women. I wasn’t middoe-aged, yet it felt cathartic every time I got inside the mind and body of one. It was a form of sensory communication where everything just seemed to fall into place. 

In hindsight, this may have been the doing of a relaxed mind that was able to reach whatever potential it strove for. Either way, the metropolis made it much harder before and after my trip. 

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