Depression Is Out of the Closet — Just Smile Back

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I’m glad to see that even the Royal family gets the blues. And it’s a big step forward to see Prince William reach out with the help of Lady Gaga, who has spoken about her PTSD after being raped at age 19.  Gaga feels depressed in the morning, like many dealing with depression do. Though many celebrities have come out in one way or another,  I have never seen such an outpouring of knowledge about mental illness as in the last few days. People are beginning to understand other people. They empathize,  which is a lot more important than sympathizing. After all,  sympathy solves nothingbecause there is just emotion without proper knowledge or understanding. Empathy involves a vicarious understanding of the other’s situation. With this, you will care more and be able to empower yourself and the other. 

Sarah Silverman,  above,  is a great comedian and depressed, still taking Zoloft to keep her functioning properly. Unlike Gaga, who has a definite reason for her depression, most people are like Silverman,  who has no real traumatic event that caused her illness. And it is just that —an illness. Like diabetes or IBS. 

Clara Hughes is an Olympic hero, winning gold in both the winter and summer Olympics for Canada. This makes her one of the greatest athletes of all time. But Clara has battled with depression and still does.

When Clara came out of an otherwise padlocked and sealed closet, it was a major leap into understanding mental illness in Canada. 

It comes as no surprise to many that Sinead O’Connor was one of the pioneers of mental illness awareness way back in the previous millenium. For some reason,  it was premature and she was silenced. The media decided to focus at her outbursts as blasphemous. She had to almost kill herself,  or at least threaten to as a cry for help,  before anyone payed attention to her. And even then, they just called her unstable and continuing her blasphemy by becoming a minister herself. 

For me,  Sinead should have committed suicide by now. She obviously found a lot of love and support and used her golden voice to build up awareness through melancholy lullabies. She has become a legend in more ways than one. 

Can one of the ‘Mad Men’ be overcome by depression. Just ask Jon Hamm,  who has led the way in Hollywood. The above quote is true for many people I have come across. The truth is, you can’t help yourself alone. You need help. 

The lovely and talented Kerry Washington tells it well in the above quote,  which reminded me it’s time for a dental cleaning.  Clean your teeth, your body, your brain. But most of all,  clean your soul, the deciding factor on your happiness. 

I just love Dwayne Johnson. He is approachable, honest, polite, intelligent,  humble, and suffers from depression.  And yes, ladies, he is the sexiest man alive. He is also the highest paid actor of 2016. He is renowned worldwide. He is the Rock. And his input on the subject makes a big difference. 

Marilyn Monroe, Robin Williams, and Jim Morrison are 3 people, like millions of others, that didn’t get enough help and died. Let’s not mince words here. They died, as you will if you don’t get help. 

Talk to your doctor. Go to the clinic, even the emergency room if need be. You are NOT crazy. Like most people, you have an illness that your actions didn’t cause. You have a physical illness. Depression is as physical as cancer, diabetes, heart problems, etc. It is a disease — an illness.  It is a silent killer but, alas, it has come out of the closet. 

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